April 17, 2019

Winter Hikes in Utah

Winter Hikes in Utah

Many people view hiking as a summer activity, but in Utah winter hikes are just as spectacular. Here are the top three unique winter hikes we’ve enjoyed in Utah.

One of these Utah winter hikes is Mt Timpanogos.  While this is a the hardest winter hike on this list the view is worth the work. At around 11,700 sq/ft the view of Utah Valley during the winter will take your breath away.  We would recommend everyone wishing to do this during the winter to bring crampons. This being a 12-16 mile hike round trip, depending on which route you take, means that you should come prepared with a good hiking partner, great gear and a better camera.

Donut Falls is a popular site to see year round right up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Round trip, it is 3.5 miles with an elevation change of 531 feet. In the winter, part of Big Cottonwood Canyon is closed off, but in the summer, it is 1.4 miles round trip. It is a fairly easy hike that is family friendly. The hike itself is a slight incline with a wide trail leading up to the falls following a river most of the way. Donut Falls gets its name because the hike leads up to a cave where water flows down through a hole at the top of the cave. At certain times in the winter, the falls freeze over.

Diamond Fork hot springs is our most enjoyable recommended winter hike. This hike will take you to a collection of natural hot springs connected with waterfalls.  While this is a 5 mile hike round trip during the summer that changes after the first major snowstorm. Once the first major snow storm hits park rangers close the canyon off which adds 12 miles round trip to the hike.  Don’t let that stop you though, bring a pair of cross country skis or snowshoes to help you close the gap to the trailhead and then you’ll get the hot springs to yourself. While this is a dog friendly hike we don’t recommend this because they tend to not enjoy the water as much.

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