About Seven Slopes

About Seven Slopes

Your Guide to the Best of the Utah

Planning a vacation in Utah and don’t know where to start? Seven Slopes is a collection of the best Utah has to offer, straight from local experts. Whether you’re looking for simple tips on the best restaurants and places to stay, or you’re looking to take advantage of the greatest snow on earth; we want to make your experience here in Utah unforgettable.

David Eccles School of Business

Seven Slopes is created by students at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. It is intended to inform new residents or visitors about activities and events in our great state, while teaching students the importance of website design and optimization. We hope you enjoy our content!

Wasatch Trails

Seven Slopes is your Guide to the Best Things to do in Utah!

Long time resident or new traveler? There are always new things to do. Come explore our latest ideas!

Wasatch is Waiting For YOU!

You can find an array of activities that Utah has to offer on this site. In addition if you have trouble finding that perfect trail for you, try this app. AllTrail gives you a list of hikes based on your preference of length, rating, and difficulty. Explore our site for information, activities and updates that will ensure your time in this beautiful state is a great one.

We hope you enjoy your time in Salt Lake City!

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