Taking a Ski Trip in Utah: Tips for Planning Your Visit to Utah Ski Resorts

Utah’s mountains and gorgeous outdoor views year round make for an amazing place for outdoor activities and trips for outdoor lovers.

In the summer, Utah hikes and lakes take center stage, but in the winter skiing becomes Utah’s outdoor activity of choice. In 2021, Utah ski resorts welcomed 5.3 million visitors, and a good portion of these visitors were on ski trips from out of state.

When planning your Utah ski trip, it helps to know about the Utah ski resort options and to plan ahead which resorts you want to visit. Here are some tips for planning your visit to Utah’s ski resorts:

Tip #1: Choose the best ski resort for YOU

Utah offers 11 ski resorts within driving distance of Salt Lake City and Park City. Each resort is unique and offers different ski runs, different skill levels, and different resort amenities.

    • Alta Ski Resort is located in the Salt Lake Valley and offers ski runs for higher-skilled skiers. It is also not snowboarder friendly, and is priced higher than most other resorts.
    • Brighton Resort is located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, and is a great beginner friendly resort. There are lots of well-groomed runs for skiing and snowboarding. It is also more price-friendly.
    • Utah ski resort, skiing in UtahDeer Valley Resort is a ski resort in Park City and is another resort that is exclusively for skiers. They offer great skiing lessons, well-groomed runs, and amazing dining at a higher price point.
    • Nordic Valley Resort is known for being a great ski resort for beginners, and offers fun night skiing. It is one of the most affordable Utah ski resorts and is located close to Ogden, Utah.
    • Park City Mountain is, as the name suggests, located in Park City. It is a more advanced Utah ski resort and has a good ski school. It is priced slightly higher than other resorts.
    • Powder Mountain is another ski resort near Ogden and is known as a more laid-back resort. It has a fairly average price point when compared with other Utah ski resorts.
    • Snowbasin Resort is also located near Ogden, Utah. It is a reasonably priced ski resort offering beautiful views and is a great resort for beginner skiers.
    • Snowbird Ski Resort is best known for its advanced ski runs and steep terrain. It is close to Salt Lake City and is best for the experienced skier or snowboarder.
    • Solitude Ski Resort is close to Brighton Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City. It is a great resort for all skill levels and is reasonably priced, but can be crowded at times because it is the main resort featured in the Ikon Ski Pass.
    • Sundance Resort is located close to Provo, Utah and can be a bit of a drive. It is known for its beautiful views and can be less crowded than other Utah ski resorts.
    • Woodward Park City is the final Utah ski resort close to Salt Lake City to consider, and is located in Park City. It offers unique activities on and off the slopes and is better utilized by intermediate to advanced skiers.


Tip #2: Plan the skiing part of your ski trip ahead

Drive times to Utah ski resorts can be a tossup, so it’s always better to plan your ski day ahead of time. Once you’ve selected your resort, make sure you leave with enough time to arrive, park, and get on the mountain.

We have compiled the average commute time from Salt Lake City, as well as Park City to different Utah ski resorts:

Tip #3: Make a day of it!

Once you’ve skied all you can for the day, check out some local restaurants to save yourself from cooking dinner and save money by not buying food at the ski resorts. For a list of some of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City, check out our other blog posts!

Tip #4: Save money, if you can

One of the best features of Utah ski resorts is the Epic Pass and Ikon Pass. Both passes offer a variety of options to Utah locals and Utah visitors alike, and can help you save money on your ski trip.

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Epic Pass offers 4-day bundles for all of the Park City ski resorts. If you are planning a ski trip in Park City, Utah, then this pass allows you to visit all of Park City’s resorts for four days!

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Ikon Pass is best for avid skiers. If you plan a ski trip to Utah, the Ikon pass offers 2,3, and 4-day pass options for most of Utah’s ski resorts. However, if you like to travel and ski, the Ikon Base Pass allows you to access 44 ski resorts across the globe, and is an amazing option to bundle all of your ski trips into one price.

Many resorts also offer discounts for pre-booking your ski day pass, and a lot of them run promotional sales throughout the year, so plan your Utah ski trip early and check Utah ski resort websites and social media accounts frequently!