Find the Best Places to Stay in Utah

Best Places to Stay in Utah

Planning a visit to Utah?

With such natural beauty, including five national parks, it is easy to see how this state got such a glowing reputation for being one of the best travel destinations. But okay, you found the area you want to go to, that is great! But where is the best place to stay?

Check out these five Utah destinations and find the best location to spend the night — Whether you are into luxury, classic, or even rustic lodging, these hot spots will offer you just what you need!

Salt Lake City

The capital of Utah, Salt Lake City is filled with things to do, events, places to stay, nightlife, and more. This area is best known for its arts and film scene, along with the beautiful nature of the Salt Flats and powdery ski slopes.

Recommended Lodging in SLC

Park City Utah

Park City Utah is a world-class winter destination and is best known for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Formerly a mountain mining town, this area is the perfect combination of outdoor adventure and historic charm.

Recommended Lodging in Park City

Wasatch Front

A large mountainous range, the Wasatch Front (often shortened to “the Front”), is the main area of urban and industrial development in Utah. Find your place among trendy cafes, world-class skiing, and many activities that suit you during your time away from home.

Recommended Lodging at Wasatch Front

Southern Utah

Known for its scenic roads and vast landscapes, southern Utah is home to sites of red rock, canyons, ancient volcanoes, and more. Anchored by Arches and Canyonlands national parks, this is an area made for exploring.

Recommended Lodging in Southern Utah

Northern Utah

Outdoor enthusiasts will love northern Utah – A picturesque scene of mountains, lakes, and reservoirs and some of Utah’s largest cities. Close to the border, this location is a perfect spot for those who want to explore locally or take a day trip across state lines.

Recommended Lodging in Northern Utah