Best Beginner Mountain Biking Trails Near Salt Lake City

Exercising, seeing new places, and experiencing a rush all come together perfectly in the wonderful outdoor pastime of mountain biking in Utah. Taking the correct steps can set the stage for a lifetim...

Best Beginner Mountain Biking Trails Near Salt Lake City

Exercising, seeing new places, and experiencing a rush all come together perfectly in the wonderful outdoor pastime of mountain biking in Utah. Taking the correct steps can set the stage for a lifetime of enjoyment. Here is a selection of 5 recommended routes near Salt Lake City to help you get rolling on your next adventure.


An adventurer’s paradise, Round Valley/Trailside Bike Park is hidden within the high-desert landscape. It is known for its 2,100 acres of outdoor recreation area, including 56 miles of trails at an altitude of 7,202 feet. Only 34 minutes from Salt Lake City proper to the Round Valley Trailhead, you’ll be crushing on the 3.7 mile round trip PorcUclimb loop in no time!

Thinking about bringing the dog? There are numerous off-leash locations for them to explore and enjoy. Keep an eye out for signs indicating changes or off-leash areas as you explore the areas. This is your starting point for mountain biking in Park City, where the excitement of exploration and the peace of nature work in perfect harmony. Get ready for some serious mountain biking by packing up your kit and tuning up your senses.

A cyclist on a mountain bike jumps off a ramp at Trailside Bike Park (Park City, Utah)

Park City’s Round Valley


View southeast into Ogden Valley as the trail hugs an oak-covered slope.

Eden, Utah’s Spork asks, “Are you ready to take your mountain biking to the next level?” Spork is an extremely popular mountain biking path in Eden, Utah’s North Fork. About an hour from SLC, this short 4.4 mile trail with 447 feet in vertical gain will be well wroth the drive.

Spork’s year-round accessibility makes it a popular destination for mountain bikers. Spork is a great option if you’re a cyclist searching for a new challenge without going too far outside your comfort zone.

Spork is unique among cycling destinations due to its directionality, which sees it rotate clockwise on odd days and counterclockwise on even days. During the colder months, Ogden Nordic is in charge of maintaining the route so that you can have even more fun and adventure.

Spork has been called the best route in Northern Utah due to its fast, flowing nature and interesting features like drops, skinnies, and log rollovers. The trail is always in great shape, so riding it is a pleasure no matter the weather. It’s a perfect trail to get familiar with different features so you can start building you’re mountain biking skills. It’s popular among eBikers too, as it can accommodate eBikes up to Class 1. Your four-legged friends are invited to join you as well.

Spork path is ideal for both seasoned cyclists looking for a challenging ride and newbies hoping to hone their skills. Put on your protective gear and buckle in for a ride that promises to be both thrilling and beautiful. All aboard!

Woman enjoying single track mountain bike trail

Spork in Eden, Utah


19th Avenue is a massive addition for descending mountain bikers that gives an alternative to the classic Bobsled downhill. Park at Popperton Park for easy access to all this area has to offer. (Photo: Jared Hargrave –

Within 10 minutes of Salt Lake’s downtown, get ready for a chose your own adventure trip from Dry Creek/19th Avenue! Beginners can Hop on Pop and choose to descend on Lil Pop or Big Bop for a less than .5 mile loop with minimal gain.

Or, for mountain bikers looking for some excitement in the Salt Lake City area, the 13.3-mile Campus – Dry Creek – 19th Avenue Loop is a dream come true. This exciting trail will put your strength and agility to the test as well as provide a healthy dose of enjoyment with its hefty ascent of 2,008 feet. The 13-mile loop with lead to the bustling I St Bike Park, which encapsulates the spirit of mountain biking with its thrilling climbs, fast descents, and beautiful surroundings. The trail’s path through the BST trails from the University of Utah to the middle of 19th avenue and back offers a fascinating variety of landscapes to explore. Riders that are up for the challenge of the trail’s varied topography will find it rewarding. It’s the ideal route for a rejuvenating day in the great outdoors, and it only takes an average of 1 hour and 39 minutes to complete.

The Dry Creek – 19th Avenue Loop is more than just a bike path; it’s a community project maintained by Bike Utah. Why not risk it all and go down this exciting route? Put on your gear, get on your bike, and head out on an adventure that will test your physical limits while rewarding you with breathtaking views and the tenacious spirit of Utah’s cycling community. Whether you choose a short route or lean into the Dry Creek challenge, you’ll be sure to have a great ride with beautiful views of the salt lake downtown area. Let’s get out on the path!

Mountain biker riding down Drycreek/19th Avenue single track trail (Salt Lake City, UT)

Dry Creek/19th Avenue


Draper, Utah’s Corner Canyon is a hidden gem for mountain bikers of all skill levels in South Salt Lake. Corner Canyon is a mountain biker’s paradise, drawing riders from all over Utah County and beyond for its varied terrain that includes both easy routes and challenging downhill tracks. From Salt Lake City, you’ll have a quick 25 minute drive to the trail head.

There’s no shortage of excitement, since there are over 157 distinct routes spanning a massive 115 miles. There is a route here for everyone, whether you want the adrenaline rush of the massive table tops and wall rides at Maple Hollow or you just want to relax on the easy-to-intermediate trails. Beginners will find Canyon Hollow to be a sufficient outing, at 2 miles one way. While fans of quick flow will enjoy Exit Stage Left (Rush Downhill) and Anne’s Trail, and experienced riders will appreciate the rustic and hard descent of Jacobs Ladder.

Numerous outdoor activities, from mountain biking and horseback riding to hiking and even skiing in the winter, attract visitors to Corner Canyon every season.

Jump on your bike and hit the trail; Corner Canyon has routes suitable for cyclists of all experience levels. This dramatic outdoor setting is ripe with opportunities for excitement around every corner. Discover more about Corner Canyon right here.

Group of mountain bikers riding down Corner Canyon trails (Draper, UT)

Corner Canyon


Accessible within 5 to 1o minutes of downtown the Salt Lake City Foothills offer 102 mountain biking tracks (and growing). This location is great for those looking for either an adrenaline-filled experience or a peaceful vacation amidst nature. Salt Lake City Parks & Public Lands maintains the area, ensuring that the trails are suitable for bikers of all skill levels.

The Foothills offer bikers a wide selection of options. Beginners will find their grove through out the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST). Access to the BST can be found at trailheads in the Red Butte Gardens, from Hilltop Road, or by Rotary Glen Park. The BST connects to each trailhead so adventures could car shuttle, or bike out and back to create the route of their needs.

As you learn and advance you can loop and add throughout the area for endless adventures. Each path presents its own set of challenges and rewards, with a combined distance of over 74 miles and a total descent of 19,510 feet from its highest trailhead at 8,031 feet. The well-known Bobsled track is a favorite with cyclists since it always provides a thrilling ride.

Mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, and even ultramarathoners will find paradise in the Salt Lake City Foothills. The Foothills are a forward-thinking destination for the modern age of outdoor activities since they provide E-Bike routes as well. Over 37,000 rides have been recorded in the area, attesting to its appeal among enthusiasts of outdoor activities.

There has never been a better time to visit, as recent reports have indicated that the bulk of the trails are in perfect or dry conditions. The recent surge of ride logs and trail reports also shows that there is a robust community of outdoor enthusiasts to explore with.

To sum up, the Salt Lake City Foothills are a bustling city that is home to stunning natural beauty and a wide range of thrilling outdoor activities. The area’s variety of trails and city-managed fields guarantee an exciting experience that will leave you wanting more.

View of Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Salt Lake City, UT)
Image by: Kevin Cody copywrite: Kevin Cody ©️

Salt Lake City Foothills

Utah is a Mecca for all skill levels

Utah is a mecca for adventurers, with miles of trails to satisfy the needs of cyclists of all skill levels. The state provides a thrilling variety of beginning mountain bike tracks, from the majestic Park City trails to the flexible Corner Canyon routes all within a hour of Salt Lake City. The mountain biking scene in Salt Lake City has something for everyone, from the trails of Spork near Eden, Utah, to the climbs of Dry Creek/19th Avenue.

Mountain biking is one of the most popular activities in these areas, but hiking, snowshoeing, and horseback riding are other options for those seeking the great outdoors. In Salt Lake, you will find several mountain biking trails that are marked and just waiting to be explored. For further information, including trail maps, directions, and more, see the respective websites for Park City’s Round Valley, Spork in Eden, Utah, Dry Creek/19th Avenue, Corner Canyon, and Salt Lake City Foothills.

Prepared to take on the wilderness?

Prepared to take on the wilderness? Salt Lake City is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in the country, and they’re perfect for beginners. Leave a comment below to tell us about your travel experiences and recommended routes. Please share your Utah mountain biking experiences with us!

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