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Utah is an exceptional destination for running races, boasting a perfect blend of breathtaking natural beauty and well-organized events. With its diverse landscapes, from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the otherworldly red rock canyons, runners can relish in stunning backdrops during their races. The state’s temperate climate provides ideal running conditions throughout much of the year. Moreover, Utah’s vibrant running community fosters a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere, inspiring participants to push their limits. From scenic marathons to challenging trail runs, Utah offers an array of race options for both amateur and seasoned runners, making it an unparalleled and invigorating running haven.

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There are more races in more locations every year! Let us know in the forum below what races you want more tips on and get expert tips from locals and experienced runners. Racing is difficult and it takes a community to reach your next PR! Learn how to get past “the wall”, find the best running shoes, learn a good training schedule, prepare for the heat and altitude, find tips on how to plan your visit, find local experts, and more in articles and in the form below!

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