The Utah Family History Center Guide

Utah is the ultimate cornucopia of free genealogy resources (for the absolute beginner and advanced genealogist alike.) The great news for tourists is that most of these resources are gathered under o...

The Utah Family History Center Guide

Utah is the ultimate cornucopia of free genealogy resources (for the absolute beginner and advanced genealogist alike.) The great news for tourists is that most of these resources are gathered under one roof!

Family history libraries across the state are nearly magical; With free genealogy software and step-by-step assistance from volunteer researchers, anyone can get started on their family tree after just one visit.

FamilySearch libraries are in almost every part of Utah! Additionally, almost every location can accommodate solo visits or groups. So no matter what your trip looks like, there is something for you! To kick off your planning, we’ve compiled a list of Utah’s top family history center locations.

The Family History Library in Salt Lake City

The FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City; The flagship Family Search Library! A young boy interacts with the touchscreen displays at the family history library's discovery center.

Also known as the FamilySearch library of Salt Lake, this center is the granddaddy of FamilySearch library locations. It offers a large collection of physical and digital records to help you discover your ancestors’ stories. Thankfully, you don’t need to know how to navigate these records on your own! Daily classes and webinars cover almost every topic. In the discovery center, you’ll find activities for large groups of all ages.

*Check here for more information about scheduling a visit to the Salt Lake FamilySearch Library.

The Ogden Family History Library

The Ogden Utah Family History Library is a red brick building located near the Ogden Utah Temple. The Ogden FamilySearch Center Research Room is a computer lab. These computers are used for family history research. There are also audio and video convertors and scanners.

Looking for fun things to do in Ogden Utah? A trip to the Ogden FamilySearch Center is free and easy! This center is equipped with resources to digitize records, convert audio/visual materials, and scan documents. Additionally, there are opportunities for group classes or one-on-one mentoring. But if you’re just stopping by, there are hands-on activities for kids and adults that are beginner friendly.

*Look here for more information about planning your visit to the Ogden Family History Library.

The FamilySearch Center Riverton

The Riverton Office Building is home to the Riverton FamilySearch Library. A man watches a family video in the family story room at the Riverton family history center.

The Riverton FamilySearch Center includes many of the same resources as its sister location in Ogden, but it has a few extra bells and whistles. The family story room is a recording space made just for you! Is a family member joining you on your trip to Utah? Record a memory you made on your trip! Volunteers will help you record and upload the audio for safekeeping. You can also print a beautiful copy of your family tree to keep as a souvenir from your visit!

*Look here for information about scheduling an appointment at the Riverton Family History Library.

The Lehi Family History Center

The FamilySearch Center in Lehi Utah is a beautiful brick building near Thanksgiving Point. The Discovery Center in the Lehi Family History Center has large touchscreen displays.

Lehi offers many family-friendly activities thanks to the gardens and museums at Thanksgiving Point! If you and the kiddos are already in the area, the Lehi FamilySearch Center makes a great (free) addition to your trip! Like other centers, there are many resources and classes on genealogy. But on top of that, there are interactive exhibits for kids to help them explore their family tree! These large touch-screen displays let visitors discover famous relatives, hop into a “time machine” and picture themselves as historical figures.

*Go here to schedule an appointment at the Lehi Family History Library.

The Family History Library St. George

The Saint George FamilySearch Center. The Family History Center in St George has a childrens area. Parents can work on their family history and while keeping an eye on their kids.

If you’re looking for free things to do in St George, look no further than the St. George FamilySearch Center. This library offers so much: group activities, an interactive activity center, a children’s play area, document conversion, one-on-one family tree help, and more (basically everything except a recording room.) This library is ready to host corporate groups or family reunions with games and other activities!

*Contact Information for the Saint George Family History Library.

Tips for Visiting Family History Library

No matter what FamilySearch location you visit, There are two things to know ahead of time:

  1. You will need to set up a free family search account to engage in some activities. A volunteer at any library can help you do this when you visit, or you can register ahead of time!
  2. All of the family history libraries on this list can accommodate walk-in visits from individuals and small groups. Large groups will need to schedule an appointment to get the most out of their visit.

Bonus: Family History Center Locations Throughout the World

Alright. You’ve visited a family history library in Utah and found out you actually really like this genealogy stuff. Does the fun have to stop now that you’re home? Absolutely not! There are FamilySearch locations all around the world. Throw your address in the “family history centers near me” map and get connected to a satellite location!

Family History Centers near me map

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