Salt Lake City Deals – Restaurants & Events

Looking to get out of the house while on a budget? We've got you covered. Salt Lake City Deals - Restaurants & Events: It's summer time and the deals are coming in hot! We've pooled together our ...

Salt Lake City Deals – Restaurants & Events

Looking to get out of the house while on a budget? We’ve got you covered.

Salt Lake City Deals – Restaurants & Events: It’s summer time and the deals are coming in hot! We’ve pooled together our money to find the best deals on restaurants, bars, and things to do for the upcoming summer months for the whole family (and just the adults) across the Seven Slopes area. From dining to skiing to lodging and basketball games, these promotions won’t last long so be sure and check them out today!

For Salt Lake City Deals – Restaurants & Events, the following recommended places are offering opportunities to save:

Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade –

Get the House Favorite Breakfast for $11 at Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade. Sweet Lake is one of our breakfast and lunch favorites, offering best-in-class fried chicken, biscuits, sandwiches, and a great variety of limeade options. There is plenty of variety for everyone, including a few delicious salad options for those who want a lighter option. However, the house favorite breakfast is a can’t miss, so be sure to get in on this deal while you can!

Caputo’s Deal and Market 

If you are looking for great sandwiches and Italian market options, check out these deals of the week from Caputo’s Deli and Market, another favorite of Seven Slopes! Caputo’s is great for sandwiches and salads on-the-go and in-house with full menu options available, but you can also take advantage of their goods to make a delicious meal at home! They offer all sorts of exciting options, from assorted spreads, breads, and artisan summer platters – all at different discounts (depending on seasonality) of delicious artisan options. Awing by and take advantage of these great deals today!

The Pie Pizzeria 

The Pie offers rotating speciality pies that everyone can enjoy. Right now, they are offering the Bee Sting pie, which is a little “Sweet and Spicy!”. While there is no monetary discount, getting a specialty pie from Utah’s best is always great value. Make sure to save room for some of their other great menu options, too!

For Outdoor/Recreational Activities, be sure to check out the following options:

Ikon Ski Pass 

The Ikon Ski Pass currently offers discounts for active college students, military, or nursing personnel. The Ikon pass will give skiers access to 50 destinations worldwide, with varying levels of access depending on the selected pass. Enjoy up to 7 days of access per resort when you get the Ikon pass, and if you visit a local Utah resort, be sure to check out our lodging page for making your stay easier!


Epic Ski Pass – Park City, Utah

The Epic Ski Pass currently offers flexible payment options for skiers, giving financial piece of mind to our avid skiers in the area. With access to Vail, Breck, Park City, Whistler, and limited access to partner resorts globally, the Epic Ski Pass is another great option, particularly for Utahns. And, with flexible payment and pass options, choose the pass you need to get on the mountain and have a great time with friends and family.


Lastly, for Lodging, be sure to check out what’s going on at Sundance Resort:

Sundance Resort – Save over 40% when you book a mid-week stay at Sundance. Book here and save today on one of the most serene and enjoyable places in the state. With summer festivities going on regularly, such as live music and theatre, you can base a trip around those activities or some of the many others that the resort offers. Be sure to take advantage of the great summer weather and choose your stay today!


Utah Jazz Fan Pass 

Looking for Utah Jazz game tickets at a fraction of the price? Sounds like a giant win to us! The Jazz have recently introduced a new $65 a month subscription membership that will give you access to up to 3 or more games (12 games total) per month during the regular season. These are standing tickets that will be sent to members 48 hours prior to a game starts, where they can choose to decline or accept ticket offerings. No contract needed, meaning you can cancel any time.

Salt Lake City Deals – Restaurants & Events

Utah Bees – Smiths Family Night 


Tuesday nights just got a whole lot better this summer! Join us at the Salt Lake Bees vs Oklahoma City Dodgers game happening Tuesday, August 2 2022 at 6:35 PM. The Salt Lake Bees are hosting a Smiths Family Night game with up to 60% off tickets and 50% off hot dogs and drinks. The offer is good for 4 tickets for $20 with a minimum purchase of 4 and a maximum purchase of 8 tickets. Score this deal while it lasts on their website. Discounts can also be found across the multiple vendors found at the Smith’s Ballpark arena, including beers, burgers, and more. These deals are limited, so be sure to jump on this soon.


Utah Symphony Summer & Student Specials 

the Utah Symphony is offering a variety of specials for students and summer events, with a killer discount on their subscription based tickets with up to 25% off single-ticket concert series. This features the Summer Design-A-Series where guests can save 20% on three or more performances from the 2022 summer festival. Other specials include the Student Design-A-Series, which extends to anyone 30 years of age and younger to select any four or more performances from our 2022-23 Utah Symphony | Utah Opera season. Find these and more discounts on the Utah Symphony website.

Utah Beer Festival at the Gateway 

Happening from Aug 21-22, 2022 at the Gateway mall from 2:00-8:00 PM. This event will host over 200+ ciders from 50 breweries across the US. The Utah Beer Festival offers a variety of local restaurants, samples across every corner with BIG discounts on pints, cups, and food (trust us, you will not leave hungry or thirsty here!) This annal fundraising event brings deep discounts to consumers while sending proceeds towards the American Cancer Society. There will also be killer live music from local artists, DJ’s, and performers across the Salt Lake County that will be appropriate for all ages. You can purchase tickets here.


Whatever you’re looking to do this summer, there is always a deal hidden behind every corner – we hope these deals make their way into your plans!

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