Golf in St George, Utah

Photo by Brian G. Oar - Fairways Photography   St. George, Utah has numerous options for seasoned or novice golfers!  In an effort to help you narrow your search, we have compiled a list o...

Golf in St George, Utah


Photo by Brian G. Oar – Fairways Photography


St. George, Utah has numerous options for seasoned or novice golfers!  In an effort to help you narrow your search, we have compiled a list of tee times, pricing, and reviews to help you make the most of your golfing experience.  Note that tee times and pricing are subject to change.  Tee times are subject to scheduling and availability.


ledges golf saint george utah

The Ledges of St. George

The Ledges of St. George course is located Northwest of St. George in the beautiful red rock mountains. Nestled in an idyllic sand colored neighborhood, this course is a great option for any visotors.

  • Reviews: 4.8
  • Tee Times: 6:40am – 6:30pm *Closed Tuesdays after 12pm through Aug 30, 2022
  • Pricing: $35 – $98 (varies by tee time)
  • Location



entrada golf course saint george utah

Entrada at Snow Canyon

Located on the North side of Santa Clara, Entrada offers the pristine vistas of the St. George area with wonderful mountains rising around you as you play through the desert.

  • Reviews: 4.8
  • Contact course directly for pricing and availability
  • Location



dixie hills saint george utah golf

Dixie Red Hills

The first course commissioned by the city of St. George in 1960, Red Hills has been well kept and updated regularly. It is also one of the best courses in the area on a budget.

    • Reviews: 4.7
    • Tee Times: 7:20am – 6:20pm
    • Pricing: $15.00
    • Location



southgate saint george utah golf

Southgate Golf Club

Winding beside the Santa Clara river, Southgate offers a wonderful experience. One of the easily walkable courses it offers the opportunity for some exercise, assuming you can handle the temperatures. The challenging back nine also offers a good way to test your abilities.

    • Reviews: 4.3
    • Tee Times: 7:00am – 6:00pm
    • Pricing: $14.50 – $23.00
    • Location



bloomington golf saint george utah

Bloomington Country Club

One of the courses located South of St. George along I-15, Bloomington offers a great opportunity for those driving in from Las Vegas or California. Its location doesn’t detract from the St. George ambiance, however, and it is still a wonderful experience.

    • Reviews: 4.4
    • Contact course directly for pricing and availability
    • Location



sun river saint george utah golf

Sun River Golf Club

Just south of Bloomington, Sun River is one of the world’s best champtionship courses. You will never forget your experience playing here.

    • Reviews: 4.2
    • Tee Times: 7:00am – 7:20pm *Closed 8/29/2022 – 9/22/2022
    • Pricing: $45 – $75
    • Location



saint george golf utah

St. George Golf Club

As one of the older courses in the area, St. George offers very favorable greens and doable putts. It is also very reasonably priced, while still a scenic area.

    • Reviews: 3.8
    • Tee Times: 6:50am – 5:50am
    • Pricing: $14.50 – $23.00
    • Location



green springs golf course saint george utah

Green Spring Golf Course

Known as being a particularly challenging golf course, Green Spring is located just outside St. George in Washington, UT. Somehow, even though it is built right in the heart of local industry you still have a remote feel as you play this course.

    • Reviews: 4.4
    • Tee Times: 6:30am – 8:00pm
    • Pricing: $35.00
    • Location



coral canyon saint george utah golf

Coral Canyon Golf Course

Coral Canyon is located North West of St. George along I-15, making it ideal for players coming South from Salt Lake City. It has a wonderful mountain backdrop to Bryce Canyon’s snow-capped peaks.

    • Reviews: 3.9
    • Tee Times: Contact course directly for scheduling and availability
    • Pricing: $49.00 – $79.00
    • Location



sand hollow golf course saint george utah

Sand Hollow Golf Course

Utah’s #1 ranked public golf course is a must-visit destination for golfers. It is a beautiful area with pristine fairways, challenging puts, and wonderful red rock views.

    • Reviews: 4.4
    • Tee Times: 6:45am – 7:00pm
    • Pricing: $85 – $102.00  Contact course directly for options without a membership.
    • Location



sky mountain golf course saint george utah

Sky Mountain Golf Course

Sky Mountain is a public and picturesque course located outside Hurricane, Utah. It is challenging, yet fun.

    • Reviews: 4.7
    • Tee Times: 7:00am – 4:00pm
    • Pricing: $55.00 – $65.00
    • Location



copper rock golf course saint george utah

Copper Rock Golf Course

Locally voted as the best course in Southern Utah, Copper Rock has become a very popular course. You may have to book well in advance, so make sure to be proactive in your tee time booking. It is a very fun course nestled against a mountain South of Hurricane, UT.

    • Reviews: 4.4
    • Tee Times: 7:00am – 5:50pm
    • Pricing: $45 – $150
    • Location


sunbrook golf course saint george utah

Sunbrook Golf Club

In the past Sunbrook has been voted twice as the best course in Utah. You begin in the bluffs and play your way down to the desert floor with lava rock and red rock surrounding the course.

    • Reviews: 4.6
    • Tee Times: 6:30am – 5:50pm
    • Pricing: $18.50 – $46.00
    • Location

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