Guide to Planning your Trip to Utah

Planning your Trip to Utah

Whether you are planning your trip or looking for the top activities to fill your day in Utah, we’ve got you covered. We have created four days of fun-filled adventures and activities at some of the best cities in Utah. We have included a free road map to get you where you want to go if your GPS coverage is out of range. What should you wear for the daily weather? No worries, we have your current Utah local weather forecast and weather average forecast for the next year for the future planner. We have even included a few of our favorite places to stay.

Check out the local’s Four Utah Top Pick Cities to Visit as well as indoor activities with a sample itinerary with recommended activities, food, and lodging recommendations to enhance your visit when planning your trip to Utah:

  1. St George, Utah
  2. Park City, Utah
  3. Moab, Utah
  4. Beat the Heat in SLC – Salt Lake City, Utah

We’ve collected some useful tools when planning your trip to Utah and choosing the best activities on your agenda to match the weather.

And Finally, we have included some of the best places to stay in Utah for every adventure ranging from romantic getaways to campgrounds.

Don’t forget your FREE Map to guide you through the backwoods of Utah. This map contains top Utah city road maps, Utah’s unique highways, and the entire map of Utah to help you plan or just guide you on your travels throughout all of Utah’s activities.

Keep reading for all the details for the top pick activities and planning guides for Utah.

1. Plan Your Trip to St George, Utah

Explore St. George, Utah’s enchanting experiences – from Zion National Park’s majestic landscapes and thrilling Jeep tours to cultural delights in art centers and museums. Indulge in diverse cuisine and discover outdoor adventures in nearby state parks, creating unforgettable memories for all travelers. Read more

Plan your trip to St. George

2. Plan Your Trip to Park City, Utah

Looking to plan a trip with your family to Park City Utah with options outside of skiing or during the off season? Look no further than our guide to a unique day! With options from shopping to horseback-riding, your visitors won’t soon forget this trip! Read more

Park City Museum, Main street, Park City, Utah

Plan your trip to Park City

3. Plan Your Trip to Moab, Utah

Looking to plan a trip with your family to Moab, Utah? Look no further than our guide to a unique adventure in beautiful Southern Utah! We have created an itinerary with a variety of options of adventure to fill your day. Read More

Plan your trip to Moab

4. Plan Your Trip to Beat the Heat Indoors in Salt Lake City, Utah

Escape the sweltering heat of Salt Lake City with our comprehensive guide, ‘Beat the Heat in SLC.’ This article offers many fun, refreshing activities to keep cool and enjoy the summer season to its fullest. From exploring cool caves and attending night games to indoor adventures like museums and bowling, you’ll find various options catering to every age and interest. Stay refreshed and active this summer in Salt Lake City with our expert-curated list of activities! – Beat the Heat Indoor in Salt Lake City, Utah Read more


SLC Skyline

Activities to Beat the Heat in Salt Lake City, Utah

Top Activities in Utah

We have a variety of activities in Utah for every adventurer in your family.

We have created some guides on the best stops to stay in Utah. We have sorted them by type for your convenience. Just choose your vibe below.

Check out some of the best activities in Utah to share with friends, family or explore on your own.


  1. Golf in Utah. Utah offers a fantastic golfing experience amidst its breathtaking natural landscapes. Golf enthusiasts can find a wide array of courses scattered throughout the state, catering to players of all skill levels. From lush courses nestled in mountain valleys to desert fairways with red rock backdrops, the diverse terrain ensures a unique golfing adventure at every turn. Renowned golf destinations like St. George, Park City, and Salt Lake City provide golfers with a mix of championship courses and scenic layouts, attracting both local players and tourists seeking an unforgettable golf vacation.
  2. Hiking in Utah. Utah is home to five incredible national parks, including Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef. These parks offer a plethora of hiking trails, stunning vistas, and unique geological formations.
  3. Biking Trails in Utah. The state offers numerous mountain biking trails for riders of all skill levels. Moab, in particular, is a mecca for mountain biking enthusiasts with its challenging terrain and breathtaking views.
  4. Skiing in Utah. Utah boasts some of the best ski resorts in the world, including Park City, Deer Valley, Snowbird, and Alta. The state’s famous dry powder snow attracts skiers and snowboarders from around the globe.
  5. Motorsports in Utah. Utah’s motorsports scene revs up the adrenaline for enthusiasts seeking high-speed thrills and exhilarating competitions. The state offers a variety of motorsports events and venues that cater to both participants and spectators. From professional racing circuits to off-road adventures, Utah’s diverse terrain accommodates a range of motorsport disciplines.
  6. Late Night Dining or choose from some of our Favorite Restaurants in Utah. Utah’s restaurant scene is a delectable melting pot of flavors, offering a diverse culinary experience that caters to every palate. From trendy eateries in bustling cities to charming cafes in scenic towns, the state boasts an array of dining options that celebrate both local traditions and international influences.
  7. Bars and Clubs in Utah. Utah’s bars and clubs offer a vibrant and eclectic nightlife scene, despite the state’s unique liquor laws. From bustling city centers to quaint mountain towns, there is no shortage of places to unwind and socialize after hours. In cities like Salt Lake City and Park City, visitors can find a mix of upscale bars, trendy lounges, and live music venues. Craft breweries and distilleries have also gained popularity, providing a unique opportunity to sample locally brewed beers and spirits. While the state’s nightlife adheres to strict alcohol regulations, innovative mixologists have mastered the art of crafting inventive mocktails and creative non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring everyone can join in on the fun.
  8. Entertainment in Utah. Entertainment in Utah offers a diverse and enriching experience that caters to a wide range of interests. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an art lover, a sports aficionado, or a music connoisseur, the state has something to captivate every visitor.
  9. Family Friendly activities to do in Utah. Utah offers an abundance of family-friendly activities that guarantee fun and memorable experiences for all ages.
  10. Pet Friendly activities in Utah. Utah welcomes four-legged companions with a plethora of pet-friendly activities, making it an ideal destination for pet owners looking to explore the state alongside their furry friends. With numerous pet-friendly parks and trails, families can embark on hikes and leisurely walks, allowing pets to frolic amidst Utah’s stunning natural beauty. Many national parks offer designated pet areas and trails, ensuring that pets can also partake in the outdoor adventures.

Top Places to go in Utah

  1. Utah National Parks. With its vast sandstone cliffs and canyons, Utah offers excellent rock climbing opportunities. Places like Moab and St. George are popular destinations for climbers.
  2. Lakes & Rivers. Utah has several rivers that provide excellent opportunities for white-water rafting and kayaking, especially on the Colorado River and the Green River.
  3. Art & Entertainment. Utah boasts a rich and diverse art and entertainment scene that caters to the interests of both locals and visitors alike. The state’s cultural landscape is infused with creativity, offering a wide range of artistic expressions and entertainment options.
  4. Relaxing Places. Utah’s diverse landscapes also offer opportunities for wildlife watching, including bison, elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and various bird species.

Check out some of our favorite spots here:

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What to Wear Seasonally When Planning your Activities in Utah

Utah experiences distinct seasonal changes, and what to wear varies depending on the time of year. Here’s a general guideline for each season:

Spring (March to May): Spring in Utah can be unpredictable, with fluctuating temperatures. Layering is key during this season. You may need a mix of light sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and jackets for cooler days, while short-sleeved shirts and lighter clothing can be worn during warmer spells. Don’t forget to bring a rain jacket or umbrella, as spring showers are common.

Summer (June to August): Summers in Utah are hot and dry, especially in the southern regions. Lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are ideal. Shorts, tank tops, sundresses, and sandals are suitable for the scorching days. However, it’s a good idea to carry a light jacket or a long-sleeved shirt for cooler evenings, particularly in the mountainous areas.

Fall (September to November): Fall in Utah is a beautiful time with mild temperatures and stunning foliage. Layering is again essential, as mornings and evenings can be cooler while afternoons are pleasantly warm. Bring a mix of long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, light jackets, and jeans. Don’t forget to pack comfortable walking shoes for enjoying autumn hikes.

Winter (December to February): Winters in Utah can be cold and snowy, especially in mountainous regions. A warm, insulated winter coat or jacket is a must. Additionally, pack sweaters, thermals, scarves, gloves, and a hat to stay cozy. Waterproof and insulated boots are essential for navigating snowy streets and trails. It’s also a good idea to layer clothing to adjust to temperature changes when transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments.

Keep in mind that Utah’s weather can be unpredictable, and it’s always best to check the weather forecast before your trip and be prepared for possible variations in climate during your stay.

We’ve collected some useful tools when planning your trip to Utah and choosing the best activities in your agenda to match the weather.

Finally, Places to Stay in Utah

Finally, places to Stay in Utah. We have gathered some of the best places to stay in Utah. We have you covered whether you are planning your trip ahead of time or stopping by on your way through.

We have created some guides on the best spots to stay in Utah. We have sorted them by type for your convenience. Just choose what best suites your vibe below.

Check out some of our favorite spots here:

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