August 8, 2020

The Tradition of Takashi

Not only is Takasha a top ranked sushi restaurant in Salt Lake, it is a top ranked restaurant overall! Trip Advisor ranks Takashi as Salt Lake's #1 restaurant. I asked what makes their restaurant one of the most popular in the valley. Their response was tradition.

This is what's inside the Strawberry Field's roll: escolar, strawberry, spicy sauce, and fresh chili peppers inside; toasted almonds and eel sauce on the outside
It was a great mixture of sweet and spicy, but the cool part was that Chef Takashi created this roll himself!

Here is their full menu. It's a menu full of options!

Takashi doesn't have any sign that reading "Takashi," making it
feel less like a business, and more of an experience.

I think definitely what makes Takashi one of the best restaurants in town is definitely the traditions that we keep, as well as all of the innovation that we have. We try to do something new and we to challenge ourselves and be new and different everyday, and try to get some new products and fresh ingredients we maybe have never tried before, so everyone gets to learn how to use different ingredients and new things, but
also, the traditions that have been passed down from Takashi's teachers to us, that's what's really is like the foundation that makes us a really great restaurant. We have so many traditional things that most sushi bars don't bother carrying, because they may not fit the palette, you know of Americans or whatever country they're doing it in. Certain Japanese flavors are very unique and require a little bit of education I guess.

Watch as a Yellowtail Jack fish is gets prepared for sushi. Takashi keeps sushi traditions alive, such as cutting the right side of the fish first.
If you are looking for real sushi in Salt Lake, this is your restaurant! This is sea urchant!

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