June 17, 2020

Best College Bars in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City offers a lively nightlife experience with many options to choose from. Known for its large population of college students, the city is packed with a variety of different bars and clubs that will surely provide an unforgettable experience. Here are the five best college bars in Salt Lake City you won't want to miss.

Twist Bar & Bistro - Bar in SLC

Twist Bar and Bistro is a recognizable bar in Salt Lake City, and it is also a local favorite amongst college students. If you are looking for a vibrant scene with live music and weekly entertainment, then look no further. Whether you're enjoying live music and dinner on the main floor or dancing the night away with friends downstairs, Twist Bar and Bistro has it all. Twist owes the majority of its popularity to its spacious two-story venue and duel bar. Over time Twist has proven itself to be an affordable and fun choice for any night out. Be sure to check out the large drink menu on their website. In addition to their menu, here's a clip about Twist!

The Green Pig - Bar in SLC


If you find yourself in need of Thursday night plans and enjoy karaoke, you can find it at The Green Pig. The Green Pig caters to all age groups and many different crowds. the Green Pig has established itself as a popular bar in Salt Lake City for college students and adults alike because of its weekly karaoke, rooftop bar views, and welcoming atmosphere.

O'Shucks - Bar in SLC


O'Shucks serves as a premier Irish bar in Salt Lake City’s as well as another top destination for local college students. Most students will be found at O'Shucks on a Wednesday night drinking their $3 schooners, all while enjoying its welcoming atmosphere. This modern take on the classic Irish pub is equipped with a traditional pool table and free snacking peanuts for patrons to socialize over, so be sure to spend an evening here the next time you visit Salt Lake City.

Bodega - Bar in SLC


There's no better start to the night than Bodega, one of the best bars in Salt Lake City. Bodega's quaint rustic interior creates the perfect atmosphere for a laid back and relaxing night out with friends. Bodega proudly runs a two-story restaurant and bar, with exclusive dining downstairs and the more popular drinks-only operation upstairs. While visiting, be sure to take advantage of their drink specials on Saturday nights!

London Belle - Bar in SLC


London Belle is a great weekend destination with their popular club-like atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights. It is during this part of the weekend where London Belle transforms half of its dining area into a full blown dance floor! Though on the pricier side, London Belle is still a must for anyone visiting Salt Lake City because they have a great venue and welcoming ambiance that are loved by locals.

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