Tried and True: Classic Bars in the SLC Nightlife Scene

There's nothing that can quite beat visiting a classic in a city's nightlife scene, and these bars fit the bill. If your travels and adventures always take you to the establishments that have bled in...

Tried and True: Classic Bars in the SLC Nightlife Scene

There’s nothing that can quite beat visiting a classic in a city’s nightlife scene, and these bars fit the bill. If your travels and adventures always take you to the establishments that have bled into the city itself, then it’s no surprise that you find great joy in visiting the classic spots whenever possible. While we won’t claim that these bars are as classic as The Beatles’ Yesterday, they are pretty damn close. We’ve compiled our top three classic bars for you to stop by during your night out in SLC, so read on.

Whiskey Street in Downtown SLC

Looking for a place to grab a casual drink? Well, look no further! Whiskey Street is one of the most historic bars in Salt Lake history. This distillery is a space for all from downtown executives, hip urban folks, and Utah tourists. Before it was changed to Main Street in 1906, this stretch of road had been designated “Whiskey Street” by Brigham Young himself. This place has more history than some of the traditional historic sites in the Valley, including Wheeler Farm. It was a place where gentiles were able to quench their thirst. Even Mr. Young purchased his spirits from the numerous bars and the liquor store for which the street was named. This historic bar is filled with exquisite cuisine and liquors that are available seven days a week.

For all you whiskey connoisseurs, they’ve got the drink for you. They’re signature drink is a Whiskey Street Old Fashion. However, for those who are not the biggest whiskey fans, you don’t worry. The luxury of Whiskey Streets’ location, is that alongside it, you can stop in on Whitehorse and Bodega, two other famous bars. Bodega and The Rest are covered in our foodie blog a few posts back.


You can find Whiskey Street right on Main Street near the Gallivan Center Trax Station. It’s conveniently nestled between several other bars and eateries, across the Melting Pot. Snag your directions here.

Cheers to You in Downtown SLC

Located right in the middle of Salt Lake City’s downtown action, Cheers to You is one of the most chill bars in the area. The round red booths give you a sense of privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the full bar experience. Karaoke Friday nights might be the busiest, but with a back room full of pool tables and events going on every night, this neighborhood dive bar is a Salt Lake City favorite. Like most dive bars you are not expected to order the fanciest drink per se, but the drinks that get you drunk the fastest. With that being said, you should be intrigued to order their famous Mind Erasers. We aren’t exactly sure what’s in those delicious questionable drinks, but you alone are the keeper of your own fate, so go forth and consume.


Cheers to You is right on Main Street (sensing a theme?) and is accessible via major Trax stations. Feel free to do a bar crawl, but maybe save this one for last. Plan out your night with directions here.

Lake Effect in Downtown SLC

One of our newest bars in Salt Lake City is Lake Effect. Yes, we know we said classics, but this one is can only be described as just that. This trendy new bar’s ambiance is second to none with exquisite attention to detail and enticing comfortable décor on both the main level and the basement lounge, the “Rabbit Hole.” The Latin-infused menu, created by executive chef Adrian Harris. has everyone coming back for more. Even better, you can order it right to your hotel with Uber Eats. This place is great for late night eats too!


Located just down the street from Capitol Theater, this bar is within walking distance of major hotels. You can find it on 155 West and 200 South. If the grid system is the bane of your existence, then find directions here.

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