June 30, 2021

Best Bars for a Social SLC Summer


1. Rooftop Sky Bar

Sky is known as one of the best night clubs that Salt Lake City has to offer. With a 3 floor, open-air building and weekly new DJ performances, it makes sense why Sky has become so popular in booming Salt Lake City. However, what Sky may not be commonly known for is its lively, unique rooftop bar. What’s made this bar such a popular nightlife destination is not only that it is one of the few rooftop bars in Salt Lake City but it also offers live music/D.J, comfortable seating, and of course a lively dance floor. So, whether you’re looking for a fun night club or a vibrant rooftop bar, Sky is one of the best destinations Downtown Salt Lake has to offer.

To find out about more night clubs in Salt Lake City, Click on the following link https://www.sevenslopes.com/dance-clubs-salt-lake-city/ 


2. LVRS 

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LVRS is a fairly new company iand is just what Utah has been needing. It is a soul-focused entertainment group based out of Salt Lake City that is bringing events that “celebrates life and culture behind great music.” Their events this summer are held out of the downtown bar Good Grammar and have gathered mass crowds to celebrate Black History Month and Pride Week. LVRS is bringing a soulful experience accompanied by incredible curated music that is unique to the Salt Lake City nightlife.

To stay up to date with upcoming LVRS events, go to their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lvrsslc/  


3. Park Silly Markets 

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Park Silly Sunday market located on the historic Main Street of Park City is the home of an open space, eco-friendly festival environment for friends and family to connect. Various vendors from across the state gather offering fresh produce, arts and crafts and even gourmet food. Though it is not considered a bar or a club, the environment is spiced up with the features of live music and a beer and Bloody Mary garden for those 21+. Park silly market is starting to offer additional events such as Park Silly Saturday market in Sandy and Helper Saturday’s in Park City on various weekends. 


4. 999

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999 is an event that you can’t really find anywhere in the country and is a fan favorite activity to many of the college and young residents in Salt Lake City. This rowdy get together happens every Thursday on 9th South 9th East at 9pm where hundreds of people gather on their bikes and ride around the great city of Salt Lake. The motto of this event is “WE LAUGH! WE LIVE! WE RIDE.” This weekly event is not run by any company, but is run and started by the people of Salt Lake through the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/999ride/ which has over 3,600 followers. Filled with comradery, laughter, and high energy, 999 is truly one of the great summer activities Utah Has to offer.  

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