April 17, 2019

Lucky 13

After a fun night in Salt Lake City, sometimes all you need is a cool place with good food to wind down. One of the best spots for late night food is Lucky 13 which is open every night until 2 am. Located right across from Smiths Ballpark, Lucky 13 is a great place to grab a burger after a baseball game or a night out on the town. This restaurant is 21 and over so make sure your entire group is of age before visiting.

Lucky 13, burgers, beer-whiskey, house-smoked bacon

Get inside and get rinsed!

When you first walk in, you can instantly notice the laid-back culture within the restaurant. It is an intimate space where friends can get together, share a drink, and connect with each other. Visitors have the option to enjoy themselves inside or go to the outside portion of the restaurant. The outside area is a popular choice in the summertime, however, it is not recommended during the chilly utah winters.

Lucky 13, burgers, wings, beer

Enjoy a local beer along with your food

Once seated, you can find a menu full of delicious appetizers, sandwiches, and their famous gourmet burgers. For starters, we recommend getting their wings with barbeque sauce. These are a yummy treat that can be shared with the entire table. For the main entree, burgers are highly recommended. Some of our favorites include the House-Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger, the Celestial Burger, and if you are feeling extra risky, the Nut Butter Burger. No matter what burger you decide on, you will have a memorable experience. For your side, you have the option of choosing between French Fries. Substitute Side Salad, Beer-Battered Onion Rings, Rosemary-Garlic Fries, Cajun Fries or Fried Pickles. While their regular French Fries are delicious, we recommend the Cajun Fries because they provide an extra flavor that completes the meal.

lucky 13, menu, burger, late night food, sac burger

Try one of their famous gourmet burgers

While you enjoy some delicious burgers with your friends, the laid-back culture will be a fun environment to relax and unwind. If you are lucky, you might witness someone trying the Lucky 13 Challenge. Competitors who are brave enough to take on the challenge must consume two giant burgers with a side of fries by themselves in one hour. If they win, they get a spot on the Lucky 13 wall of fame and earn $200 dollars. Whether they accomplish the task or not, watching it go down should be entertaining.

Lucky 13 is just one of many bars in Salt Lake City to enjoy some late night food. Check out our Late Night Bites page to see even more late night food that you should definitely check out while visiting Utah!

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