Salt Lake City Nightlife: How to Enjoy SLC After Dark

Salt Lake City, Utah isn’t best known for its nightlife as was pointed out by the Golden State Warriors in the 2017 National Basketball Association (NBA) playoff. However, there are still many thi...

Salt Lake City Nightlife: How to Enjoy SLC After Dark

Salt Lake City, Utah isn’t best known for its nightlife as was pointed out by the Golden State Warriors in the 2017 National Basketball Association (NBA) playoff. However, there are still many things to do when the sun sets. There are great bars and clubs people can visit while in town, and most of them are within walking distance to downtown.

If you don’t enjoy walking, you can take one of the Greenbikes or the electric Lime and Bird scooters that are located all around downtown. Utah nightlife is better known for other things. You can ski when you’re here in the winter time. You can also attend sports events, our local NBA Jazz team arena is located in a very convenient location that can be access with our local transportation. There are live music venues, or attend outdoor recreation activities. You can also get some of the best authentic ethnic food during your visits. Last but not least there are many historical places in S.L.C. that everyone should stop by when they visits.


There are some night clubs in Salt Lake City that you will not be disappointed in, despite the city not being well known for its clubbing scene. Here are the top 4 nightclubs that are popular to the locals here in Salt Lake.

1. Area 51

This is a popular dance club in Salt Lake for people over the age of 18. They offer a lot of different themed nights, such as 80’s night, which is a huge hit, or Frisky Friday, and many other types of parties!

2. The Westerner

For those who love their wranglers, line dancing and their cowboy boots, Salt Lake City offers the perfect club!

3. Park City Live

This place is a bit farther compare to the other 3 places. But this is Park City’s biggest nightclub. It is known as one of the best venues in the entire state if Utah.


If the Clubs scene isn’t for you, we have many local bars that are also within walking distance in downtown that you might enjoy. The bar and brewery scenes in Utah are fantastic and we’re better known for it with our nightlife. Main Street has some of the best bars in Salt Lake. Here are some of the top local bars that are popular to the locals here.

1. Copper Common

This bar has one of the best high-end cocktails and high-class food combinations in SLC. Being situated near hotels, Gourmandise The Bakery, and it’s surrounded by many other bars.

2. BTG Wine Bar

BTG has 50+ different glasses of wine to choose from. So this is a great place for those who enjoys drinking wine.

3. Beer Bar

Part of the restaurant conglomerate helmed by TV star Ty Burrell, Beer Bar comes with 140 choices of different beers and and a menu created by James Beard nominated chef Viet Pham

4. Under Current

Next door to its seafood restaurant companion Current, this bar serves cocktails from the mind of famed Utah mixologist, Amy Eldridge. The modern interior makes for a comfortable and chic lounge.

Other clubs and bars not on this list, but are still worth checking out are Bodega (bar), Lucky 13 (bar, and it’s the trendiest bar in town with the best bar food in Salt Lake), and The Green Pig (Bar).

However, if drinking and dancing isn’t your things to do during a night out. There are many other things for you to enjoy. For one, Utah is home to many great sports team such as Real Salt Lake; Major League Soccer team, Utah Jazz, Salt Lake Bees, and Utah Grizzlies. If you’re not into sports you can visits many of the historical places here while in town. Such as the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. The best time to visit Temple Square is during the winter holiday season when all the Christmas lights are up. You can also visit the Utah State Capitol Building where you can see many historical Utah artifacts. The Cathedral of the Madeleine, is one of the most iconic buildings which took 9 years to built. These are a few things that should help you have a good time in Salt Lake City, Utah especially during the night time.

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