April 16, 2019

Skiing vs. Snowboarding, Utah's Best Resorts for Each

While visiting Utah you might see the phrase: “The Greatest Snow On Earth” a couple times, whether it be on license plates, billboards, or anywhere else. It's for good reason, it’s a true statement, Utah has the greatest snow on earth. But with so many options to experience the greatest snow on earth in different ways, knowing where to go in order to achieve your desired outcome is crucial. Whether you want to snowboard with no skiers in sight, or you want to ski with no snowboarders messing up your snow, or maybe your family is split and you want to find a place to go to that is perfect for both. There’s a resort that's perfect for you.

All this being said, here's how we'll breakdown the categories of Utah Skiing vs. Snowboarding:

  • Utah's Best Resorts for Skiing
  • Utah's Best Resorts for Snowboarding
  • Utah's Best Resorts for a Combo of both

Now here’s how things play out in terms of highlighted resorts that stand out in these respective categories:

Skiing Only: Alta and Deer Valley

Alta and Deer Valley resorts are two of three resorts in the entire country that don’t allow snowboarders (the other is in Vermont). If you are looking for that pure skiing experience, look no farther than these two options right here. If your looking for a more in-depth look at skiing in Utah, read our guide!


  • Breakdown: 116 runs with no snowboarders in sight!
  • Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon
  • We have an Ultimate Guide to Alta post as well! Check it out here!
  • Link to site

Deer Valley:

  • Breakdown: The most popular resort for out-of-staters, but it doesn’t disappoint. 103 runs
  • Location: Park City
  • Link to Site

Snowboarding Only: Brighton

There are plenty of options for good snowboarding in Utah, Brighton isn’t the only one, but it outshines the rest with its specialization of snowboarding runs.


  • Breakdown: With 66 runs, and a terrain park, Brighton favors snowboarders, and it shows in the distribution of people at the resort any given day, you'll usually find that there are a lot of snowboarders around you. They also have a very respected ski school.
  • Location: Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Link to site

Combo: Park City

The biggest resort in Utah has everything that you could want for either side of the spectrum. Beginner, expert, or in between. Ski, snowboarding, or both!

Park City:

  • Breakdown: With 330 trails there are tons of options to get your perfect experience!
  • Location: Park City
  • Link to site
In Conclusion:

When coming to Utah the number of great resorts that you have to choose from can be overwhelming, but hopefully this guide will help you maximize your experience on Utah’s slopes. During your experience of Utah's resorts, you're bound to get hungry, check out our post on what to eat at all different times of your skiing day! Have a great time on the greatest snow on earth!

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