February 24, 2021

Must Visit Distilleries

Salt Lake is home to the most distilleries in the state of Utah with some outstanding distilleries nearby. These fabulous spots are great for taking a tour and seeing how renown liquors are made. Great to see with a group of friends.

Beehive Distilling

Beehive Distilling has been delivering Utah the best handcrafted Gin and have the awards to prove it. Chris and his team have become famous because of their top liquors like Jack Rabbit Gin, Barrell Reserve Gin and Organic Vodka. This distillery has been beloved by bars and other liquor venders since 2013. With a new location created in 2018, Beehive is able to expand. As a result, bottling more liquor and a large event room with 3,500 square feet of space paired with the beautiful décor. following the new space, beehive plans to add more spirits.

High West Distillery

High West is home to history as well as some of the best spirits. As Utah's first distillery location in 1870, High West opened in 2006 at old town Park City. The spirits this distillery is known for are whiskeys which have been given awards. For instance, in 2016 High West was named the Distiller of the year in Whiskey Advocate. The location of High West is in an original saloon from the 19 century. For this reason the location alone makes High West a great place to visit. So make the short trip to Park City and experience the best whiskey in a premier location.

Alpine Distilling

Alpine Distillery is one of Utah's newest, and Park City's only locally-owned distillery. Their recipes and roots come from Kentucky and in 2011 Rob and Sara Sergent brought their secrets to Park City. Alpine makes gin, "preserve" liqueur, vodka, and whiskey. They are partners with the Spur, so if you are looking to try their products and have a bite to eat, head to the Spur on Main Street in Park City. Alpine also offers taste-testing options, distillery tours, a bar, and retail shop options all at their distillery headquarters. Whether you want to tour a distillery or enjoy some local liquors, order an Alpine spirit at your next bar visit, or schedule a tour today!


Dented Brick Distillery

Dented Brick is another recently founded distillery based in Salt Lake City. They set themselves apart by preaching about the quality of water in their spirits. Their spirits are crafted using the "liquid treasure" from a local Artesian well in the Wasatch Mountains. This commitment to high quality spirits has led to an explosion in popularity among local residents and elsewhere, as Dented Brick products are now found in ten states across the country. They offer a rye whiskey, coconut rum, vodka, gin, and a "red". If you and your party are looking to try high quality, and affordable spirits, Dented Brick is the distillery for you.

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