April 16, 2019

Utah Motorsports Campus - The Hub of Motorsports in Utah

Utah Motorsports Campus is the hub for motorsports in Utah. Located just 30 miles west of Salt Lake City, UMC is a great place for public events, fun, and corporate events. UMC is a series of tracks available to the public. With off-road and on-road tracks UMC is a versatile location. These tracks allow the public to bring their personal vehicles so you can test your skills! The tracks host racing events like Nitro World Games, MotoAmerica, Cruza Poolza, and AHRMA. Their facilities can also be used for corporate/group events and team building.

Motorsports in Salt Lake City continue to grow, and UMC is the place to experience them. If you’ve ever wanted to race your motorcycle or car, UMC provides tracks to do so. UMC has a program called Wide Open Wednesday where personal vehicles can be raced on a track. If you don’t feel comfortable racing your vehicles, UMC has Go-Kart racing available. So, if you suddenly have the need for speed, make the 35-minute drive from Salt Lake City to Tooele and push the pedal to the metal.

Motorsport enthusiasts can take advantage of motorsport events. Events like Nitro World Games, MotoAmerica, Cruza Poolza are all featured at UMC. Whether you’re an avid fan, or looking for a new experience in the Salt Lake Valley area, you can get your adrenaline pumping with fast vehicles and loud noises.

Utah Motorsports Campus extends beyond the versatility of tracks and motorsport activities. As Utah’s largest outdoor venue, you can experience concerts, festivals, and other athletic events. UMC also has the staff and facilities host corporate parties and team building activities.

UMC Banquet Hall

If you’re a motorsport enthusiast or you need a break from skiing, Utah Motorsports Campus is the place for you. Visit Utah Motorsports Campus to hit the track today!

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