Nitro World Games

Salt Lake City is famous for many things - the snow, the lake, the people, and much, much more. One less known claim to fame is Utah's relation to Nitro Circus. Every fall, Utah is proud to host the ...

Nitro World Games

Salt Lake City is famous for many things – the snow, the lake, the people, and much, much more. One less known claim to fame is Utah’s relation to Nitro Circus. Every fall, Utah is proud to host the Nitro World Games. Whether you’re on the fence about going or bought your tickets months in advance, here is a guide to make sure you make the most out of your weekend.

Nitro World Games General Info

The Nitro World Games, a premier action sports competition, is returning to Utah for its fourth time this fall! The event will take place over two days of action-packed motorsport competitions. You won’t want to miss this nonstop weekend of extreme.

The first day will consist of qualifying events, those who qualify will compete in the big show the following day. Tickets to one day or both can be found here. There are many different ticket options from general admissions to VIP packages, all tickets are family affordable with a single day passes form $5-1$5 and two day passes $30-60. Activities start each day at 11 AM and will continue each day until 7 PM. Rice Eccles Stadium hosts all of the motorbike (FMX) events as well as; skateboarding, scooters, and BMX while the Utah Motorsports Campus will host the rally car (NRX)events.      

Nitro World Games Events

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Rice Eccles Stadium during the Nitro World Games

There are five different sports that take place over the weekend, FMX, BMX, NRX, Skateboard, and Scooters. Within each sport, there are multiple different events, the most popular being; Nitro Rallycross, FMX Freestyle and FMX quarter pipe best trick. In 2018 Nitro circus introduced these three events, they were an instant hit. As the 2019 Nitro World Games approach this fall we can expect there to be another introduction of events to ensure this action-packed weekend is one to remember.

Nitro World Games On-site Activities

If you somehow manage to get tired of watching intense motorsports, there are plenty of other activities for you to check out at Nitro World Games. Some of the leading brands in motorsport entertainment and engineering are exhibiting at the Nitro World Games this year. With only two days during this event, we recommend visiting Yokohama’s exhibit. Stop by the booth to check out the car featured in Travis Pastrana’s 2018 movie Action Figures 2. Yokohama will be showcasing a wide assortment of bikes, cars, and trucks and will be organizing meet and greets with Travis Pastrana and Bilko. Make sure to come hang out with the guys and get a few photos in-between events.

After Nitro World Games

There are two things you need after spending all day at the Nitro World Games: a good bite to eat, and a good place to grab a drink. Look no further than Green Pig Pub. Located just a few blocks away from Rice Eccles stadium, Green Pig Pub offers great food and great beer at a prime location in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Be sure to sit on the upper-level patio to enjoy an unbeatable view of Salt Lake City in the fall. Check out this article for more information on how to spend an evening after a day filled with gripping motorsports.

Green Pig Pub on a beautiful evening

If a bar isn’t your scene, then we recommend Red Iguana. Red Iguana is the premiere stop for Mexican cuisine. With both locations within blocks of each other in Western Salt Lake City, Red Iguana is worth the drive, and worth the wait. Here are our menu recommendations, plus a few other tips and tricks to keep in mind before making your trip. Tables fill up fast, so get there early and hungry.

Nitro World Games Stadium

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