June 17, 2020

3 Kid Friendly Activities in Salt Lake City

Looking to have some fun with your young kids? Salt Lake has a lot to offer in providing exciting and memorable experiences for the whole family. From feeding birds, to learning about our solar system, these places will ensure an activity filled day!

Tracy Aviary

The Tracy Aviary is a great kid friendly location for local residents and visitors to learn about a ton of fascinating bird species. The aviary has countless birds as well as activities for kids to take part in, making the aviary a top destination for families in Salt Lake. Modestly priced from $7.95 to $11.95, the aviary is a great choice for affordable family fun. The Tracy aviary is also conveniently located next to Liberty Park and the delicious Park Cafe. This prime location rounds out the perfect family outing with pre/post visit brunch or a walk through the park! Kids often love feeding the birds and watching videos projected near their habitats. Be sure to check out this video of some of the cool birds they have! 

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Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium is a fun and affordable way to spend a day with the whole family! Located in the heart of downtown and right along the UTA Trax line, it’s convenient as well. While admission to the facility’s light show, IMAX, and dome theatre are an extra fee, entrance to the rest of exhibits is completely free! The first floor focuses on Earth’s surface and man's journey to the moon and the other floors teach about the other planets in the solar system. No matter what floor you find yourself on, there is a fun activity to engage and educate kids of all ages! As mentioned before, there is an additional charge for theater shows. However, they are well worth the price. Sit back and relax as real images of space shine all around you in the dome theater, or enjoy a more lighthearted approach as you befriend some animated friends on their journey through space. Selections vary seasonally, so be sure to check out the latest showings on their website. The movies are short and sweet, so no worries of the kids getting restless. There really is something for everyone at the Clark Planetarium!

Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum is yet another educational experience for kids of all ages in Salt Lake City. Spanning across a state of the art 60,000 square foot building, the activities within are made to address the many different ways that children learn. Many of the exhibits are hands-on and teach children real life skills! The “Kids Eye View” area is a miniature city featuring a grocery store, farm, and even auto mechanic shop! Toddlers get to improve their motor skills maneuvering around the town, while older children get a taste of what it is like to be a real adult! Other exhibits focus on water conservation, storytelling, the five senses, and the importance of healthcare workers. Even adults will get a kick out of the STEM room where there is an abundance of LEGO Bricks available to build sports cars. Want to make the trip even more special? Host a private party in the museum! Reservations are available on their website

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