Restaurants in Utah

A Local’s Guide to best Restaurants in Utah

Utah offers some of the best in food the country. From fine dining to casual eateries, there’s something for everyone in our culinary scene. This guide will go through an ideal day of eating at the restaurants in Utah  and also includes a comprehensive list of other restaurants in Utah you may want to try by category.


Restaurants in Utah

A Locals guide: To The top Restaurants in Utah

There are a myriad of great restaurants in Utah, these range from charming brunch spots, high energy bars, to even places that accommodate plant based diets. All these options make your decision of where to eat a delightful challenge. But fear not! Our comprehensive dining guide is here to assist you in exploring the finest options, including food trucks and enticing deals in Salt Lake City. Let us be your trusted companion in helping you discover the best restaurants in Utah, so no dining experience is wasted on a bad meal.



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The Rose Establishment

Brunch is a staple restaurant in Utah with many options to choose from, with things as extravagant as eggs Benedict to a simple stack of pancakes, you can find anything and everything brunch related in Salt Lake City.

There are many restaurants in Utah that offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, however we recommend going to one of the many spots that are breakfast exclusive to get a new, refreshed look and feel to the brunch experience. Feel free to check out The Rose Establishment a beautiful interior with a rustic exterior this cafe is perfect for any special event or a casual meal to start a fun day here.

Lunch Time

You may be wondering if there are any good ethnic restaurants in Utah. Lucky for you there are many and have selected the top ones you need to try for lunch each one of these restaurants in Utah offers a unique and authentic cuisine we know you are going to fall in love with. All three have extensive menus at affordable at prices which will certain to allow you to leave lunch time with a fully belly and not an empty wallet. Year after year these 3 come in at the top of ethnic cuisines  but are also listed as some of the top restaurants in Utah.


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Lastly, for dinner we recommend mixing things up again and think you should try one of the many plant base restaurants in Utah these are great dinner options for those who are on a plant based diet or just want to try something new, there are many restaurants in Utah that are plant based restaurants that serve quality, filling meals to satisfy all your cravings. BUDS SLC is a sandwich shop located in downtown Salt Lake. It offers a variety of sandwiches and tasty beverages that anyone could enjoy to go. This sandwich shop is a take out only spot, but they do have minimal seating on the curb however, we recommend holding off on diving into your sandwich and cruise over to Liberty Park for a nice picnic as the sunsets during the summer season. For more plant based restaurants in Utah check out our guide below. However if you are looking for something even more off the beaten path we recommend these hole in the wall restaurants in Utah

Are you more of a meat lover? if so click this link to the top steak house restaurants in Utah

Dining Guide

Looking for a great place to eat in town? Whether you’re on a budget, looking for a good happy hour spot, or just want to try something new? This comprehensive guide has everything to help you navigate which restaurants in Utah we think you need to try. Below We’ve put together a list of the best restaurants in Utah, broken down by category. So whether you’re in the mood for budget-friendly eats, delicious desserts, or fresh sushi, we’ve got you covered.

1.Budget-friendly Restaurants

2.Happy Hour Options

3.Coffee Shops and Cafes

4.Brunch Spots

5.Dessert and Sweet Treats

6.Steakhouses and Grill Houses

7.Plant base vegan restaurants

8.Brewpubs and Craft Beer Bars

9.Food Trucks

10.Sushi and Seafood