August 8, 2020

Authentic Indian Food: Bombay House

This place makes their own spices, and is extremely popular among the locals! Bombay House was established in 1993, and is located on the east side of Salt Lake. Because of their location not being downtown, you will feel like you're from here too. Bombay House is one of the highest ranked restaurants in Salt Lake! Below is an interview with Harpal, one if Bombay House's founders, where he explains how Bombay House loves their customers, and really care about them.

Meet Harpal, one of Bombay House's founders! Harpal shares how Bombay House creates their own spices, and that he and his family eats the same food that he serves his customers. When I visited Bombay House, I felt like I was an extension of Harpal's family. Bombay House is a local's favorite, and I would absolutely recommend eating at Bombay House!

What makes Bombay house different compared to your competitors?

Indian cooking always depends on your spices. We use fresh spices like cumin seeds, black pepper, garlic, ginger, and turmeric powder. We buy the grains, and we grind them ourself. This makes a big difference.

So when you get ingredient, what do you buy?

We buy from the indian wholesalers, and we make our own spices here.

What has made Bombay House so successful, because in the whole valley, I feel like Bombay House is the best known indian restaurant?

Because at Bombay House, we feed our customers what we feed our family. , they feed the customers the same thing. so that's a very big difference. We use fresh ingredients, and whatever we feed ourselves, we feed our customers, because our customers are supporting us. whatever we feed our customers, we feed our family the same thing.

If you had to recommend one dish, what would be your favorite?

All of the masalas, like chicken tikki masalas, shrimp tikki masalas, veggie masalas, and coconut kurma for vegans.

So you have vegan, and vegetarian options as well?

Yes, we have plenty of vegetarian options, as well as for vegan people, they love the food here.

What about dessert?

Dessert we have mango icecream, pistachio icecream, rice puddings, and gulab jaman, and people love the mango lassis.

Ya so do I! Ok now, the main question, how hot is hot, for your food, how hot is hot?

Hot is hot, we have fire hot, and usually people eat and enjoy our medium hot, and some people eat hot hot, and also super hot which is fire hot.

Here is Bombay's menu

Their phone number is 801-581-0222 and are open from 4 pm- 10 pm, and are closed Sundays

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