The 13 Best Bars in Salt Lake City

When you first think of Salt Lake City, the last thing that comes to your mind is probably the cocktail scene, but you’d be sorely mistaken. The bars in Salt Lake City rival some of the best bars ...

The 13 Best Bars in Salt Lake City

When you first think of Salt Lake City, the last thing that comes to your mind is probably the cocktail scene, but you’d be sorely mistaken. The bars in Salt Lake City rival some of the best bars you could find anywhere. In no particular order:

1.     Copper Common

Right next door to the Salt Lake City food staple Copper Onion. Chef Ryan Lowder created one of the best high-end cocktails and high-class food combinations in SLC. Being situated near hotels, this is an easy choice for tourists and locals alike.

2.     BTG Wine Bar

Standing for “By The Glass,” BTG has 50+ different glasses of wine to choose from. The ability to order food from Café Molise creates an atmosphere replete more choices and combinations than you can imagine.

3.     Beer Bar

Part of the restaurant conglomerate helmed by TV star Ty Burrell, Beer Bar comes with 140 choices of different beers and and a menu created by James Beard nominated chef Viet Pham. This combination creates a friendly atmosphere with a serious beer-food selection. Who doesn’t love dinner and a beer? And if you really love beer, you’ve got to check out these venues for beer and games.

4.     Under Current

Next door to its seafood restaurant companion Current, this bar serves cocktails from the mind of famed Utah mixologist, Amy Eldridge. The modern interior makes for a comfortable and chic lounge.

5.     Cheers To You

Yes, this is a friendly neighborhood bar. A great place to end the night when you want a cheap drink and good conversation. Cheers (as the locals call it) is a top choice for poor college kids, or anyone, who want to booze on a budget.

6.     Desert Edge

Located in Utah’s historic Trolley Square, this pub cranks out some of the best hand-crafted brews in Utah. This is a top choice for both quality food and craft beer.

7.     Avenues Proper

This technically isn’t one of the best bars in downtown Salt Lake City, but it is close, literally. Located in the nearby Avenues neighborhood, this bar makes a point of always keeping local brews on tap. A Real Salt Lake match is just one of the many things that can be watched here.

8.     The Bayou

Another top choice for beer enthusiasts. This Utah bar brings Cajun food to downtown SLC. If you want to change up your routine and try something new, this is always a good option.

9.     Urban Lounge

This is one of the few bars that combine both nightlife and a comfortable bar setting. You can expect to hear both local, up and coming, and well known artists here. With live music almost every night there is something for everyone at Urban.

10.  The Red Door

A grandiose drink list compliments the bougie and swanky environment. Located near hotels, this bar has become a top choice amongst visitors. Don’t let the sleek atmosphere fool you, this bar can keep the party going.

11.  Lake Effect

Comfortable surroundings are the hallmark of this bar. Located in the heart of SLC, this spot is a great choice if you’re at a hotel. A smart menu pairs well with the extensive drinks list. With a combination of lively bar seating and quieter sofas, this is great spot to bookend the night with.

12.  Twilite Lounge

Opened in 1947, this spot has been a longstanding pillar of the bars in downtown Salt Lake City. Cheap drinks go along with the no-frills interior make this cash-only space a hit for the budget conscious crowd.

13.  Ice Haus

Last but not least, this vegan-friendly bar co-owned by Utah bar mogul Dave Morris, rounds out our list. The kitchen cooks all vegan meals separate from their meaty counterparts. The welcoming and friendly environment make Ice Haus an easy choice for anyone. To learn more about vegan options in Salt Lake, click here.


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