Shopping in SLC: Best Local Businesses

Shopping around local boutiques is a fun way to spend an afternoon in Salt Lake! The city is full of incredible local businesses who want your support. We've listed our top 3 recommendations that we ...

Shopping in SLC: Best Local Businesses

Shopping around local boutiques is a fun way to spend an afternoon in Salt Lake! The city is full of incredible local businesses who want your support. We’ve listed our top 3 recommendations that we know you’ll love.

Salt and Honey Market: Unique Home & Fashion Shopping

926 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Salt & Honey offers products from local vendors
A look into the Salt and Honey Market store, located on 9th & 9th in Salt Lake City

Salt and Honey Market is located in Salt Lake City’s iconic 9th and 9th District. In the heart of Salt Lake’s most charming area, Salt and Honey provides an effortless and fun shopping experience to anyone wandering down 9th and 9th. The shop features hundreds of local vendors, with products ranging from jewelry and apparel to stationery and art. There is something for everyone shopping at Salt and Honey!

Shopping for clothes, home decor, and accessories at Salt & Honey
A wide variety of products are offered in the store

The store hosts special markets for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and summer festivities. During these markets, vendors host their own booths and display new products themed around different times of the year. Salt and Honey offers a great shopping experience where you can find unique products made locally. It is a great place to shop for gifts or one of a kind items for your home and wardrobe. If you can’t make it into their store, you can also shop Salt and Honey online by visiting their website.

Vantage: Vintage & Thrifted Shopping

774 E 800 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Vintage and thrifted shopping available at Vantage
A look into the Vantage store

Vantage is one of Salt Lake City’s coolest and most popular shopping destinations. The store specializes in curated vintage and thrifted clothing that fit current trends in women and men’s fashion. Vantage has everything from high quality vintage denim to retro jerseys and graphic tees. The shop started out in a tiny garage next to Trolley Square, and they have now moved to a larger location decorated with neon signs, a pinball machine, and cool posters.

Sustainable fashion at Vantage in SLC
Vantage offers vintage and thrifted apparel and accessories

The Vantage store is currently open to in-person shoppers. Additionally, their team posts products for online shopping on their Instagram page, @vantageslc. Anyone with an eye for fashion can see that the Vantage team has a special talent and passion. All of their pieces are hand-picked and curated to offer the best shopping experience possible. If you want to own clothing that is environmentally friendly as well as unique, Vantage is the place to shop!

Urban Blues: Trendy Women’s Clothing

1121 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Urban Blues offers shopping for women's fashion!
Urban Blues keeps up with all the latest women’s fashion trends

Urban Blues is Salt Lake City’s token trendy boutique for women’s clothing. They first opened a few years ago, and have quickly grown with new locations popping up all over the valley! Urban Blues offers current trendy clothing and accessories for teens and young adults. They have great quality products that appeal to the everyday fashionista, so it is a perfect place to go shopping! You can visit their Instagram page @urban_blues to check out their newest arrivals and get outfit inspiration.

Women's latest styles available to shop at Urban Blues
Urban Blues offers perfect pieces for the summer months!

As the seasons change, it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. Urban Blues constantly updates their store with the newest styles to make you look and feel your best. They have a friendly staff of stylists ready to help you put your next outfit together! You can shop at any of their locations or through their website by clicking here. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for summer with some adorable sundresses or two piece sets – Urban Blues is the place!

We hope you feel inspired to go shopping and support local Salt Lake City businesses soon. For a list of more must-see boutiques, view this post. Whether you’re picking up new trinkets at Salt and Honey or a vintage jacket from Vantage – you can stroll down Salt Lake in style!

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