February 12, 2020

Boating In Utah

Best Lakes To Go Boating

The new Woodward Park is a great destination for a brisk walk in the spring or fall, but as things heat up, consider hitting the lake behind the wheel of a boat!

Utah is known for having one the largest boating cultures in the country. With 26 local public lakes, it is easy for newcomers to try out towboats without venturing too far from home. Hitting the lake could even become a weekend staple in your family, who knows!

After you're done in the sun, hit one of Utah's best burger joints to finish off the day.

Above is a map of all of the lakes available for boating in the state of Utah.

Continue reading to hear about some of the many extreme sports that make boating a timeless activity in the beehive state.

Note: Boating sports can be dangerous, use caution.

Towboat Activities



Wakeboarding is the most extreme boating sport, and also the most common.

The rider straps both feet to the board and stands facing sideways (similar to snowboarding). From there, hold on tight to the rope as the boat accelerates. With some practice you will be able to pull yourself to your feet and eventually be able to follow in the wake of the boat as it takes off across the lake.

Boat Speed: 21 MPH

Local Wakeboard Shop



Wakesurfing is the newest and fastest growing sport in the industry.

Contrary to wakeboarding, this sport does not require you to strap your feet onto the board. Instead, wakesurf boards allow for more freedom of movement and is less physically restrictive. Use the tow rope to pick up speed, then simply release the rope and ease your body and mind as you coast behind the boat, close enough to still be part of the group!

Boat Speed: 10.5 MPH

Local Wakesurfing Shop



This is the original towboat sport.

If you're looking for something high speed that will get your adrenaline pumping, waterskiing might be for you!

Strap both feet into a single ski and slice through the surface, creating walls of water as the tow rope pulls you across the lake at fast speeds. 

Boat Speed: 30+ MPH

Local Waterski Shop

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