Gourmandise Dessert: A Utah Essential

Anyone looking for amazing desserts need look no further than the Gourmandise dessert menu. Gourmandise offers a large selection of various desserts and treats that and will most likely have some...

Gourmandise Dessert: A Utah Essential

Gourmandise Downtown Salt Lake City

Anyone looking for amazing desserts need look no further than the Gourmandise dessert menu. Gourmandise offers a large selection of various desserts and treats that and will most likely have something to catch your fancy. While Gourmandise offers menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s their desserts that really leave a lasting impression and have given the reputation as one of Utah’s best desserts restaurants. Not only will these great desserts satisfy your sweet tooth, but they also fun to look at because of their fun creative designs.

Three Desserts That I Would Recommend

The display case at Gourmandise can be a little intimidating because of its vast selection of desserts and some complicated names. You can take a look at Gourmandise full dessert menu, but here are some of my recommendations. To get an idea of what’s most popular at Gourmandise, I talked with the staff at Gourmandise what treats were customer favorites. I have tried all of them and have to agree that they are on the top of my personal dessert list as well.

Marzipan Slice

Marzipan Slice from Gourmandise

The Marzipan Slice is composed of raspberry mousse in between pieces of yellow cake and then topped in a layer of seafoam green marzipan.  I have personally had the Marzipan Slice on multiple occasions and it never disappoints. Gourmandise makes some of the best marzipan that I have had in Utah and is a safe decision if you are a fan of marzipan. The Marzipan Slice is priced at $5.45.

Strawberry Mille Feuille

Strawberry Mille Feuille from Gourmandise

I was never felt inclined to try the Strawberry Mille Feuille because it has a simple design in comparison to some of the desserts. After having multiple people telling me that it was their favorite things I decided to try it. The Strawberry Mille Feuille is essentially several layers of flaky pastry with whipped custard and fresh cut strawberries between each layer. The crust is comparable to thin pie crust with a light layer of caramelized sugar. The whipped custard is not overly sweet, with most of the sweetness coming from the natural flavor of the strawberries. If you like pie or pastries you should give the Strawberry Mille Feuille a try. It is also priced at $5.45.


Pailletin from Gourmandise

The Pailletin is the answer for all of the chocolate lovers out there. It is made out of dense chocolate cake, a chocolate wafer in the middle, hazelnut paste, milk chocolate mousse and a topping of cocoa powder. It is a little bit different because each of the layers have a different consistency, but they all work together to create a really delicious treat. If you appreciate rich tastes you will really enjoy the Pailletin. A slice of Pailletin is also priced at $5.45.

One Dessert That I Wouldn’t Recommend

Chocolate Porcupine from Gourmandise

All of my experiences have been wonderful at Gourmandise. However, I have had one dessert that I wouldn’t recommend. That item is the Chocolate Porcupine. It is made out of chocolate cake, raspberry jam, custard, chocolate butter cream with almonds, a chocolate shell and pistachio nuts for the spikes in the shell. I was drawn to the Porcupine because it has a friendly little design, but I was ultimately underwhelmed by the flavors of this dessert. My party also tried and were less than impressed. If you are just looking for a fun design then the Chocolate Porcupine might be right for you, but if you are mostly concerned about taste then I would recommend looking at some of the other options.


Gourmandise has two easy-to-find locations in Salt Lake County, one in Downtown Salt Lake and another location about thirty minutes south in Draper.

Downtown: 250 South 300 East, SLC, UT 84111 Tel: 801-328-3330

The downtown location can easily be accessed from I-15. Simply get off on the 600 south exit and head east until 300 east. Turn left on 300 east and head north. Gourmandise will be on the west(left) side of the road. Gourmandise has plenty of free off-street parking.

Draper: 725 E 12300 S, Draper, UT 84020 Tel: 801-571-1500

The Draper location is also easily accessed from I-15. Assuming you are in Salt Lake City, head south and get off on the 12300 south exit. Head east from there until 700 east, where it can be found on the northeast corner of the street.

Not feeling like dining in? No problem. You can order desserts to go and have a picnic at Sugar House Park.

For more information on Utah dessert restaurants/stores, go check out our desserts main page.

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