Hidden Gems of Utah

Unique things to do & see while in Utah Hidden Gem #1: Calf Creek Falls Boulder, Utah Utah is known for many things, one of the most important being the beautiful and vast nature the ...

Hidden Gems of Utah

Unique things to do & see while in Utah

Hidden Gem #1: Calf Creek Falls Boulder, Utah

Utah is known for many things, one of the most important being the beautiful and vast nature the state has to offer. Many spend their time outdoors in the Spring, Summer, and Fall months hiking the great unknown. Calf Creek Canyon out in Boulder, Utah which is part of Escalante National Forest, and a four hour and twenty minute drive from Salt Lake City.  There are two different ways to reach the beautiful end of this hike; Upper Calf Creek Falls which is 5.84 miles and moderately difficult, or Lower Calf Creek Falls which is 2.2 miles and rather strenuous. Both have the same outcome to the beautiful pool of water in which a waterfall higher above pours into the pool that many spend time dipping their feet into and sun tanning. If you find yourself wanting to venture out and hike a bit while in Utah check out  Utah National Park | Hiking Safety Tips for steps to take before going out hiking.  As well as check out this other blog post on more interesting hikes that Utah has! https://www.sevenslopes.com/salt-lakes-best-hikes-with-a-view/

Hidden Gem #2: Giligal Gardens Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah is the birthplace of Mormonism, many LDS temples scatter the valley and state. Many people believe that is the extent of the religion in the state, but there is a little park in Salt Lake City that shows carved stones and the influence of religion all over the world. Giligal Gardens is a small park right in the heart of Salt Lake City that many miss. Admission is free so there is just putting on the right walking shoes to worry about. The stones were carved by Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. in the mid twentieth century. There are 12 original sculptures and over 70 stones engraved with poems, literary texts, and scripture. This is definitely a park to go see, the artist gives his own twist into the religions and how big it is around the world. Thomas Battersby Child, JR. believed “If you want to be brought down to earth in your thinking and studying, try to make your thoughts express themselves with your hands.” Child wanted to express these writings and sculptures to encourage children to search for the untold answers in the world and create their own view of the unknown. We reccomend taking time out of your visit/stay/day to visit this awesome park.

Hidden Gem #3 Meadow Hot Springs Meadow, Utah

Whether you’re looking to warm up on a cold winter day, or venture out at night and gaze at the amazing stars this hot spring is the place to do it. Utah has many natural hot springs all unique in their own way. There are three springs on this Private Property that the owners of the land have opened up to the public as long as you remain respectful (and clothed). All you need to bring is a bathing suit ( I recommend having it on under your clothes), shoes for walking down to the springs, I usually bring a pair of tevas/sandals (it can be muddy, so I have a fresh pair in the car for after), and a water bottle, the springs run very hot so it is important to stay hydrated. Lastly whatever you bring in with you needs to leave with you. Don’t leave any trash behind, it is private property and the owners of the land depend on the public to keep the land around the springs clean! How to get there: Take I-15 from Salt Lake City heading South to Meadow, Utah. Turn South on Meadow Main Street through town taking the first right after the last buildings, this puts you onto a dirt road, continue driving  west down the road, over the freeway for 4.8 miles. You are able to park on the side of the road with a short walk to the springs from there.

The gorgous landscapes of Utah provide beauty in the most secluded of areas, we hope that you are able to find joy in our hidden gems of Utah. Whether you want to hike through rugged terrain, stroll through a park of statues, or soak up some warmth in a hot spring Utah is the place for it. While we are on the topic of hidden gems, check out our favorite restauraunt OMBU that we also feel is a delicious hidden gem. https://www.sevenslopes.com/ombu-grill/

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