October 21, 2019

Kanye West Sunday Service

Thousands gather at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City to see Kanye West performing his Sunday Service.
Thousands gathered at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City to see Kanye West performing his Sunday Service.

Out of all the places most people would think Kanye West would pop up with a surprise “Sunday Service” performance, Salt Lake was likely seen as being nonexistent on the list. The rapper proved most wrong by announcing Salt Lake City as his next stop for worship just days before putting on a show here. West has been going around the country and providing an invitation-only concert to elite attendees, but only recently opened the show up to the public. The Salt Lake City concert is one of the first stops that has been open to the public which makes it very unique. Adding to the uniqueness, the concert was held at The Gateway downtown rather than the typical concert venues in salt lake city such as Usana Amphitheater, The Great Saltair, Vivint Smart Home Arena, The Depot, or Red Butte Garden. In an extra layer of surprise, this pop-up concert was held the exact same day as the LDS General Conference which left many wondering if it was a calculated move by the media mogul.

People started showing up as early at 4am, a whole 8 hours before the show! When the doors opened at 10am a flood of people ran in to secure their spot as close to the stage as possible. It was clear that not a lot of attendees did their research on the ‘Sunday Service’ because most people were dressed in club attire not knowing that in previous performances there had been a dress code. Some attendees were even complaining that West didn’t perform his most popular rap songs, not knowing that the rapper converted to Christianity a year ago and vows to only sing songs of worship and praise. But that didn’t stop people in Salt Lake City from pushing, shoving, and climbing literally anything and everything just to get a glimpse of the mogul. There were people on rooftops, climbing outdoor elevators, trees, and more. One guy tried to scale the pillar right next to me, only to get a few feet off the ground and have the manmade bricks he was latching onto start to break and fall on concertgoers below him. All in all, the concert helped Salt Lake City gain national attention, which will hopefully help bring more concerts and shows to the city. Only next time, let’s hope that it’s held in an actual concert venue in Salt Lake City such as Vivint Smart Home Arena or Usana Amphitheater to ensure everybody has a great and safe experience.

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