April 16, 2019

Relaxation starts here: Sugar House Park

Sugar House Park Pond

Best park to visit? Looking for something to do in Salt Lake City? It's Sugar House Park. It is a low tension place, not as crowded, doesn't require much physical exertion (unless you want to do an activity) and it free. Bonus: This place is kid friendly and even open on Sundays. If you want to branch out and away from the main hustle and bustle of where everyone goes and really want to see some unique Salt Lake City attractions? Well scroll down and start planning!

Why should I go here?

Sugar House Park

Located in Sugar House City which is just off the freeway of I-80 at 1300 East located south of Downtown Salt Lake This park is considered the "crown jewel" among regional parks in Utah. Why? Rolling hills, large acres of green grass, trees, mountain scenery, and a large pond where you can feed ducks during the hot summer days. Activities at the park include a basketball court, baseball and soccer field, pavilions for family gatherings, seven volleyball courts, two playgrounds for kids, and even an amphitheater. It's such an amazingly beautiful place. Many parks such as Wheeler Farm does provides similar attributes, but Sugar House Park has it's own charm and is located much closer to the city.

Hours and Personal Recommendations

So many things to do, but is there enough time? The park is open all year round from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM during the summer and 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM during the winter. Yes, it is open Sunday. There is no cost to enter the park. Completely free. My recommendations? Get breakfast with some friends, Eggs in the City is nearby and I love that place, afterwards play some volleyball at the park. Or I personally enjoy bringing a group of friends, bringing some food, and grabbing a pavilion next to a volleyball court. Definitely pick a shady spot next to the pond and feed the ducks. And maybe even bring a book and have your own little picnic with yourself or some family or friends. Also, if you get hungry Sugarhouse does has some great eatery!


Take highway I-80 heading east. Once you hit the exit sign for 1300 East make a left turn. Drive North until you hit 2100 South which is just about 2 lights from when you exit the freeway and the destination is on your right. Note that when you enter the park it is a one-way road only.

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  1. […] The Sugar House Farmers Market also has a beer garden for those who would like to cool off on a warm summer day! It features the local brewery RoHa. The beer garden sells beer from open to close, but patrons are not allowed to take the market premises. Pair this with great food, live music, and good people and you are in for a great time! The market is located at Fairmont Park (1040 East Sugarmont Dr. Sugar House, UT 84106) and is open the second Sunday of each month from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. The event starts in July and runs until September. Fairmont Park is just a few miles away from the also popular Sugar House Park. […]

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