Salt Lake City’s Eccentric Murals

Ken Sanders Rare BooksAt Ken Sanders Rare Books you can find a red, white and black menagerie of art on its north side.  Ken Sander’s Rare Books is located at 268 south 200 east. ...

Salt Lake City’s Eccentric Murals

Ken Sanders Rare Books

Ken Sanders Rare books art

At Ken Sanders Rare Books you can find a red, white and black menagerie of art on its north side.  Ken Sander’s Rare Books is located at 268 south 200 east.  While this art is intriguing to gaze upon, it has historical precedence.  This mural was created in 2015 by Josh and Heidi Belka.  The man at the epicenter of this painting is Joe Hillstrom.  Known as Joe Hill, he was an American-Swedish labor activist.  If you would like to know more about Joe Hill, and Josh and Heidi’s inspiration click here.  Further down the wall more political statements may be found.

Ken Sanders Art
Ken Sanders Art

The Heavy Metal Shop

If you find yourself near 63 Exchange Place you have to stop by the Heavy Metal Shop to view this magical mural.

The Heavy Metal Shop art
The Heavy Metal Shop art

This artwork is in the middle of the city and features mystic mushrooms, flying whales and gigantic bees.  This is definitely one of Salt Lake’s most vibrant works of art.  After admiring this mural, pop in The Heavy Metal Shop and browse their selection of metal and rock propaganda.  This store has been a Salt Lake City staple since 1987. 

The Green Pig

One of Salt Lake’s most iconic murals is located just west of The Green Pig.  After a few brews step outside to the right and admire the American pop culture.  If you’re interested in more of Salt Lake’s night life visit this page. After much digging, I was unable to find the artist who created this.  Nonetheless, it is the most memorable landmark of 400 south.

Coca Cola Mural

268 South 200 East

This stunning work of art is found on the neighboring building of Ken Sander’s Rare Books. The building is home to a nail salon and not much else.

Salt Lake City Art


If you find yourself just a tad south of downtown in the Sugarhouse area, you must see this darling site.  This adorable dog mural is located 2227 south Highland drive.  There are many activities to do in this area, from tea bars to movie theaters there should be no issue finding a way to entertain yourself.

Sugarhouse Art

If you’re interested other picturesque locations, take a look at Salt Lake’s Plant Shops and see if that tickles your fancy.

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