Sundance Film Festival

Sunlight shining on a new day of the best independent film festival! Located 30 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, Park City hosts one of the most famous film festivals of the year. Every year at...

Sundance Film Festival

Sunlight shining on a new day of the best independent film festival!

Located 30 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, Park City hosts one of the most famous film festivals of the year. Every year at the end of January, Sundance Film Festival is held for 10 days to showcase independent films and storytellers. People from all across the country travel to be apart of this atmosphere and event downtown in our quaint city. The event is composed of new and upcoming media productions and performances, along with panel discussions and live music events. The build up and excitement for this event each winter grows by the year, bringing in almost 125,000 people and even more in 2019. We want you to join this energy and support independent makers and the incredible work they have produced.

One of the theaters in downtown Park City for the festival


The atmosphere at Sundance is indescribable. The weather is cold, but all of the people and hustle going on around keeps you moving and warm. The energy and passion that producers and viewers have for the films and discussions can be felt throughout the streets. As the day turns into night, the lights get brighter and the party comes out. People get their dancing shoes on and move from the theaters to the bars to enjoy everyone’s company and keep the energy going.

Paid Screenings

While you can just walk around and enjoy the scenery and atmosphere surrounding the event, you can involve yourself more by paying for certain events. If you are a die hard film fan, then there is an elite first half express pass for $4,000. With this pass allows access to all screenings at any theater along with priority entrance. Majority of the passes are not this extreme, and are more centered towards your basic film fan, or budget explorer. Individual screening tickets can be purchased in advance for $20 if there is a specific filmmaker, language, or genre you are already interested in. If you need more information on the wide variety of packages and other ticket bundles, the Sundance website has more information on that. So whether you are a die hard film fan or just there to kill an afternoon, there are options for everyone!

An inside look at one of the many film screenings

Other Events & Locations

In addition to independent film screenings, Sundance offers other events and venues to compliment what is going on on the main screen. Following screenings, viewers can be part of a Q&A session with the director to learn about the behind the scenes. Other locations such as the “Digital Center” and “the Filmmaker Lodge” give a different perspective to the festival and give attendees something to do aside from watching productions. If you might be someone who is more interested in the music and sound behind a film there is something for you too! The Film Music Showcase and the Film Music Roundtable bring in the composers behind the work and talk about their experience in creating this crucial element. Aside from film music, small concerts are often performed in downtown Park City restaurants and bars to keep the energy alive and the people coming.

Logo for the 2019 festival along with event dates


Sundance Film Festival is an event that has something for everyone. Whether you came to spend the week in Park City or just need a weekend getaway, this festival is the perfect location for you. Utah takes pride and joy in hosting this world renown event each winter, and we would love for you to stop by and join in on the excitement and energy provided by Sundance!

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