June 16, 2020

Top Coffee Stops of Salt Lake City

These top locations will guide you through coffee in Salt Lake City.

La Barba Coffee

Established in 2012, La Barba offers 4 locations around Salt Lake with a variety of options from cortados to pour-overs.

Publik Coffee Roasters

Another coffee stop established in 2012 with 4 locations around Salt Lake. Publik offers 2 main coffee locations. Publik Kitchen offers a wider variety of breakfast items and specials with Publik Ed’s offering a wider variety of burgers and beer.

The Rose Establishment

The Rose Estb, established in 2010, has a wider variety of tea and pour overs than the other coffee stops while also providing the usual latte options. They have nice lighting and a dining area but only at a sole location.

Salt Lake Roasting

Salt Lake Roasting has two locations in the Salt Lake area with a variety of roasted coffees, teas, and even unroasted coffee. If you are making your coffee at home this is a worthy stop.

Red Moose Coffee Company

Image result for red moose coffee slc

Red Moose Coffee Company has one location in Salt Lake City, and they offer a variety of coffee beverages along with a menu full of delicious breakfast and lunch options. This coffee shop is the perfect place to hang out and grab a delicious coffee along with a bite to eat.

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