5 Minority-Owned Businesses to Support During COVID-19

Dim Sum House The tradition of eating dim sum originated in the city of Guangzhou where travelers grew fond of stopping in teahouses for small portioned meals served with tea. Dim sum is Cantonese...

5 Minority-Owned Businesses to Support During COVID-19

Dim Sum House

The tradition of eating dim sum originated in the city of Guangzhou where travelers grew fond of stopping in teahouses for small portioned meals served with tea. Dim sum is Cantonese and translates to “touch the heart”, or literally translates to “touching heart”. Originally referred to as yum cha, which translates to “drinking tea” is a tradition in China where small bite sized dishes are served in a bamboo steamer basket or on small plates and is accompanied with tea. Dim sum is traditionally consumed during brunch hours, but here at Dim Sum House dim sum is served all day. Not to mention, the extensive menu that provides traditional Chinese dishes outside the dim sum offerings. Some of these dishes include their Hot Pot, Sizzling Hot Plate, and Chef Specialties. Their menu is organized by type of dish or the main protein of the dish and conveniently labeled with a chili pepper to warn patrons that are wary of spicy foods which dishes would be unfavorable to their sensitive palates. Due to COVID-19, masks are required of patrons, staff are equipped with masks and gloves while providing service and patrons dining-in are socially distanced. There is also a takeout option made easy with the online menu and delivery through their partnership with GrubHub.

Picture courtesy of mydimsumhouse.com

Mi La-Cai Noodle House

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine there is much more than just phở. Vietnamese cuisine is rich with history. Each dish carries its own story and originates from different regions of Vietnam. The ingredients that go into a dish have historical backstories as well, such as the French baguette being a staple ingredient in Vietnamese bánh mìs. Here at Mi La-Cai Noodle House, patrons are able to experience a vast variety of traditional Vietnamese flavors and experience a smidge of the rich history of Vietnam through a single bite. The restaurant features a modern, yet cozy atmosphere such that patrons are able to enjoy their meals and conversations comfortably. As suggested by the name of the restaurant, a large variety of Vietnamese noodles can be enjoyed by patrons here, such as phở (flat, rice noodle in soup), hủ tiếu mì (egg & rice noodle soups), and bún (vermicelli noodle). According to numerous websites, such as saltplatecity.com and tripadvisor.com, Mi La-Cai Noodle House is acknowledged among the best of Vietnamese restaurants that Salt Lake City has to offer. Due to COVID-19, sit-down dining is socially distanced for the safety of patrons. There is also a limited capacity, staff that is equipped with masks and gloves while providing service, a mask requirement for patrons while not consuming food or drink, and curbside pickup for those that prefer to avoid dining in public spaces.

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Picture courtesy of Takashi

Sushi, arguably the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan. Ranked amongst the best of sushi restaurants in Salt Lake City, Utah, Takashi is not simply a generic sushi restaurant. Here, patrons are able to experience authentic Japanese traditions of cuisine, such as an omakase. The Omakase treatment allows the chef to make the food selections for the patron, and here at Takashi patrons are able to share with the chef their budget and dietary preferences such that the omakase suits their taste. Not to mention the element of surprise that patrons may indulge in at the end of their meal. Takashi feature house made desserts that change on a daily basis. Takashi offers a luxurious dining experience and bar with specialty cocktails. Due to COVID-19, Takashi has indefinitely restricted dine-in access, but has adjusted to an online ordering format for the customer’s convenience with an efficient curbside-pickup method.  For further details of Takashi’s backstory and process please read “The Tradition of Takashi”.

Sugarhouse Coffee

Sugarhouse Coffee seems like your ordinary coffee shop, tucked away in the heart of the neighborhood. They serve a variety of drinks and food that will surely blow you out of the water. It has been a staple in the LGBTQIA+ community for decades in the North-Eastern part of Salt Lake City. They have been a local hang-out spot for students and adults alike because of their go-with-the-flow atmosphere. Pre-COVID they had an inclusive lineup of activities, such as open-mics, art displays, and community outreach. Currently, they offer a drive-through or walk-up service for all customers but have been struggling to stay afloat during COVID.

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Picture courtesy of Sugarhouse Coffee

They are very inclusive and welcoming to people of all walks of life and promote a zero-tolerance hate policy for all patrons and employees. They have been a massive contributor to the local economy for a long time and are a landmark organization for the Salt Lake community at large.

Vertical Diner

Vertical Diner has a unique spin on classic diner dishes. Think diner dive but…vegan. The Vertical Diner has been serving the Salt Lake community since 1999 and started as an idea in the farmers market. They have a classic burger as well as biscuits and gravy take that will blow you out of the water. They have been an inclusive restaurant in the LGBTQ+ as well as the vegan community in Salt Lake. They create home-cooked meals that make you feel right at home. They customize everything and work with all patrons on dietary needs. Their staff is very welcoming and loving. The Vertical Diner includes indoor and outdoor seating and curbside pickup to accommodate all of us living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Picture courtesy of Vertical Diner Salt Lake City, Utah

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