July 10, 2019

Delicious Desserts at Délice Bakery and Café

When talking bakeries, bars or even new food joints in Salt Lake, everyone automatically thinks of Downtown or Sugarhouse as the go-to's. However, this little gem in South Salt Lake caught my eye- Délice Bakery and Café.

As soon we finished our regular 9 to 5 shift, my sister and I decided that we needed an afternoon pick me up- a dessert to finish the workday. We decided to check out Délice since it was a new bakery in South Salt Lake and we had heard great reviews from friends who had visited previously. But don't be fooled by the simple external appearance!

Delice storefront
Délice storefront

As soon as you walk in, if you’re familiar with the Salt Lake area, you will notice that it looks very similar to Gourmandise, a popular bakery in Downtown Salt Lake, even down to the look of the menu. Upon doing a little bit of digging on Délice's Yelp page, we found out that the two owners of Gourmandise had split and one of them opened up Délice. And the desserts at Délice give those from Gourmandise a run for their money! I had to include a few photos of the display and variety of sweet treats to choose from.

Délice cookie display
Cookies Display
Délice desserts display
Variety of Desserts
Délice mousse and tarts display
Mainly Mousse and Tarts

So many delicious options! All kinds of cookies, desserts, mousses, tarts- you name it! After much debate, I decided on the passion fruit mousse and my sister had a peach mousse. Now I don’t have a sweet tooth and at times, super sugary foods give me a headache, however, this passion fruit mousse was BOMB! It was both sweet and tart, my favorite combination of flavors. It was the most amazing flavor explosion my mouth had ever tasted. The peach on the other hand wasn't my favorite. While it looked aesthetically pleasing, it was too sweet for my taste buds. The base was soaked in a syrup and it was filled with a vanilla custard. So depending on how sweet you like your desserts, they definitely will have it here.

Délice fruit mousse- peach and passion fruit
Peach and Passion Fruit Mousse

Now I’m not going to sugarcoat it, no pun intended, but the location is a little odd. Usually, more hip food establishments are located in Downtown or Sugarhouse in Salt Lake, but this one wasn’t. The ambiance was much different than what I prefer in a café. It was really bright in and they didn’t have any sort of decorative items anywhere, except for a couple of wall hangings of Paris. I do think however that it is nice to have a nice bakery near Murray, where most families live in Salt Lake, but I wish they would have had more variety in their menu, different from Gourmandise, and had warm lighting.

If you prefer to have more frozen sweets as your dessert be sure to check our our post on our favorite ice cream locations, and be sure to check out all of our recommendations on the best dessert in Utah!

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