The Iciest of Creams – A Guide to Salt Lake’s Best Ice Cream

After a long hike, a trip to the gym, or even a cold day of skiing, what's not to love about having an AMAZING scoop of ice cream? Whether you're a simple vanilla bean kind of guy, or a chorizo cara...

The Iciest of Creams – A Guide to Salt Lake’s Best Ice Cream

After a long hike, a trip to the gym, or even a cold day of skiing, what’s not to love about having an AMAZING scoop of ice cream? Whether you’re a simple vanilla bean kind of guy, or a chorizo caramel swirl girl, Salt Lake has got you covered! Here’s our take on Salt Lake’s best ice cream:

#1 Dolcetti Gelato

Dolcetti is one of the most popular spots to grab ice cream (or gelato) that’s fairly close to downtown Salt Lake. Located at the cute intersection of 9th and 9th, you’ll enjoy a scoop while comfortably hanging out in the gorgeous area. Although the serving sizes are a bit on the small side, the flavors are tastes that you’ll never forget. My first time here, I ordered the cinnamon gelato and the flavor was so potent, but at the same time it dissolved in my mouth so smoothly. Needless to say, I went straight back to the counter to order more.

Dolcetti Ice Cream & Gelato Storefront
Dolcetti Gelato Italian Fusion Desserts

Along with their fabulous gelato, they also have a handful of other desserts, like macarons, scones, whoopie pies, cookies, and so much more. If you aren’t feeling something cold at the time, their coffees are sure to warm you up! Dolcetti has it all – the taste, the feel, and the location… We love it so much, we wrote about it twice! Did I mention it tastes AMAZING?

12+ Ice Cream options at Dolcetti
Look at all the options!


MONKEYWRENCH is your local ice cream shop, right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. It’s located in the Gallivan plaza, which is right next to City Creek Mall, so there’s plenty to do while licking your favorite cone! They’ve got 16 different flavors that are made in house on the daily, which means its the freshest ice cream you can get! Also, vegans, rejoice! They do have vegan ice cream too.

Waffle Cone from Monkeywrench
Waffle cone with strawberry ice cream

You can order anything from simple cones to banana splits here. They’ve certainly got it all. To compliment your ice cream, they also have some hot drinks – for a fair price too. at $1.25 for their small drip coffee, I certainly wasn’t complaining! If you ever find yourself downtown after dinner and and a quick lick, definitely stop by!

#3 Ugurt

Ah, the college staple. There’s free soft serve in the PHC (aka dining hall on campus), so why not just get your ice cream there? Because Ugurt is TOO GOOD! Located across the street from president’s circle, and adjacent to The Pie, there’s no sweeter spot to get your soft serve. It’s a serve-yourself style, which means you grab a cup and fill it with whatever you want. Want a strawberry-vanilla mix? Sure. Chocolate-banana? You got it. Pumpkin Spice-Candy Cane? To each their own, but yes, they’ve got that too! After that, add whatever toppings and then they weigh your masterpiece to determine the cost.

u'gurt ice cream
Build your own- you can NEVER have too much!

After many late nights of ending up at Ugurt, I can confidently say this is a fan favorite for many Utah students. Between the location, price, and flavors, there’s something for everyone here, because who doesn’t love soft serve? If you’re near the University, and possibly just ate at the Pie, definitely check it out!

So what are you waiting for? Go get that ice cream!

If you aren’t feeling like ice cream, check out Gourmandise or our other dessert favorites for other sweet treats! And while you’re getting your late night ice cream on, check out a bar or two as well!


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