August 4, 2020

Lake Powell

Lake Powell, on the border of Utah and Arizona. Roughly 5-6 hours from Salt Lake City. The perfect vacation get away! Enjoy the calm waters and picturesque red rock around you!

There are many ways you can vacation here! Travel down for a weekend or a whole week! You can camp at the local campgrounds, rent a house, stay in a hotel, or rent a houseboat for the week!

Some people like to rent hotels or houses so they can enjoy the lake during the day and then enjoy a nice evening in the comfort of a room and shower while others like to rent a houseboat and explore all the way up the lake, finding new spots every day and enjoying the stars at night! For information on potential boat rentals go here:

If you decide to make the trip down to Lake Powell and play on the water, do not be overwhelmed by the boat launch and marina at Wahweap. There will be a lot of people, cars, boats, etc. Take a breath and get everything you need because once you are out on the water, it calms down. The more up Lake you travel, the less people and calmer water. Perfect for wake surfing or wake boarding!

Even though there might be a lot of people at first, the Lake itself is so large that once you are out there you don't hear anyone and maybe see a few boats but no more. It is a great place to get a quiet and relaxing getaway!

Wake surfing is very popular on this lake as well. It is fairly easy to pick up and people of all ages can do it! A few easy tips to get you started on wake surfing include...

  1. Do what makes you feel comfortable. Whichever foot you put forward when you fall is the foot that should be closest to the boat while wake surfing.
  2. Place one foot towards the back of the board and one towards the middle-front of the board. Hold onto the rope and when the boat goes, let the board come to your feet and stand up!
  3. Once you have mastered that, use your front foot as gas and back foot as break and get closer to the boat, reel in the rope as you are getting closer.
  4. Once you see slack in the rope, you are ready to throw it in the boat and start riding the wake!
  5. Have fun with it and do what comes natural to you!

There are so many fun things to do on this Lake! I hope you make the drive down! For more information on lakes, rivers, and reservoirs a little bit closer to Salt Lake read: and

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