Lakes, Rivers, & Reservoirs

Have you already explored the great mountains and hiked all the nature trails? Well, there are more fun activities to do on a sunny day! Explore the many lakes, rivers, and reservoirs across Utah! Wh...

Lakes, Rivers, & Reservoirs

Have you already explored the great mountains and hiked all the nature trails? Well, there are more fun activities to do on a sunny day! Explore the many lakes, rivers, and reservoirs across Utah! Whether it be a day trip or a week trip, there is something for everyone! There are a variety of activities you can do on the water including but not limited to fishing, boating, wake surfing, wake boarding, and hanging out on the beach! The best part is you can do all these activities with your friends and family to create memories that last a lifetime!

Bear Lake

Bear Lake is located in Northern Utah, on the border of Utah and Idaho. It is about 2-3 hours from Salt Lake City. There is something to do for everyone! Enjoy the turquoise blue water on a hot, sunny day! You can make it a day trip of swimming and tanning at the State Park or stay the weekend at one of the lodges or enjoy nature at the campgrounds!

During the summer you can go boating to enjoy water sports like water-skiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing! These sports are better in calm water, which is why Bear Lake is so large that you won’t have to worry about getting caught in other boat wakes! Perfect for people just learning to do the watersports and desirable for those who hare experienced. Want to know more about the different watersports, click here: You can also enjoy jet skiing. You don’t have one? No worries, they will rent them out to you!

Not only can you do fun summer activities, but you can also enjoy winter sports around Bear Lake like snowmobiling, snow-skiing, and cross-country skiing! Even both fishing and Ice-fishing is available on this Lake! This area can be enjoyed year-round!

To find out more about all the fun things to do on Bear Lake, view their website for additional information here:

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Address for Bear Lake State Park: 940 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT 84028

Hours: 7am – 10pm Monday to Sunday

Jordanelle Reservoir

Enjoy a nice paddle board ride on calm waters in the morning or the evening to watch the sunset or boat and play on the inflatable island during the day! Jordanelle Reservoir, located about 40 minutes outside of Salt Lake! One of the closest Reservoirs to Salt Lake!

You can swim at one of their many designated areas or rent a boat or jet ski! Perfect for a family outing or the perfect day for college students. Bring a picnic for lunch and lots of water to hydrate and you will spend the whole day here! For more on rentals on the reservoir go here:

For all you fishers, the fishing is fair to good. Most success happens at the Rock Cliff arm of the Reservoir!

Some lakes and reservoirs have areas around them that are good for winter time however Jordanelle mostly has fun things to do and is the most accessible during the summer. Definitely add Jordanelle Reservoir to your summer bucket list!

You can read a little more about Jordanelle and some other lakes on another insightful blog post:

Address for Jordanelle State Park: 515 UT-319, Heber City, UT 84032

Hours: 8am – 10pm Monday to Sunday

Provo River

Two of the best things to do on the Provo River are tubing and fishing! This river doesn’t have all the loudness of motorized water vehicles so it is nice and relaxing to enjoy with friends and family. Only 50 minutes away from Salt Lake and best utilized during the summer!

Grab a cooler that floats and connect it to the tube and you will be set for the day! Fill it with tons of water and maybe some booze if your in the mood! There are multiple pieces of land along the river that you can stop and enjoy the view and a nice cool beverage! It is a nice break from the water. As soon as your ready, you can continue floating down the river! Tons of fun for both big and small groups. Interested in going tubing now? more information here: Please be cautious when tubing and do not go out at night because the water is extremely cold and it gets dark! Go mid day for the perfect experience!

Without all the noise from motorized vehicles, makes for an excellent spot to fish. There are a ton of places to sit along the river to caught something! You can stay in one spot the whole day or move up or down river for some new scenario! To learn more about fishing on the Provo River, go here:

Address of Provo Canyon Outfitters (Tubing): 3362 E Provo Canyon Rd, Provo, UT 84604

Hours of Provo Canyon Outfitters: 12pm – 4pm Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm Saturday to Sunday and holidays

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is 5-6 hours away from Salt Lake which makes it a perfect weekend or week-long getaway! It is on the border of Utah and Arizona.

It is very warm and sunny so make sure to bring lots of sunscreen and water! Temperatures in the summer can get over 100 degrees!

There are so many picturesque views of the water and red rocks along the lake. Lots of small canals that only a kayak or jet ski can get through makes it for the perfect place to explore! The Lake is very big so you can see a new area of it every day, even by the end of the week, you wouldn’t have seen the whole Lake. It is that big!! For more information on all the different water toys, you can rent, go here:

If you need to get away from the busy life that the city has to offer, then this is the perfect place to relax and getaway. To read more about this gorgeous destination, click here:

Address of Wahweap Marina: 100 Lake Shore Dr, Page, AZ 86040

Hours: 7am-5pm Monday to Sunday

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