June 16, 2020

Salt Lake City Brewery Guide

Squatters Pub Brewery in Salt Lake City


From beer enthusiasts to casual drinkers, Salt Lake City is home to many outstanding breweries that you don't want to miss. There are a whopping 32 craft breweries in Utah with most located in Salt Lake City and the greater Wasatch Front region. From pub styled movie theaters to high alcohol content specialty breweries, Salt Lake City has a variety of establishments to satiate any palate.

Be sure to grab yourself a Brewery Pass to help you save money during your brewery exploration!

Beer Sampler

Community Favorites

After hitting the breweries, you may want to keep that buzz going! Check out 4 of our favorite bars in Salt Lake City!

Seven Slopes

Seven Slopes in a local's guide to what to do in Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains.  The articles on this site were written by students from the University of Utah as part of a digital marketing curriculum.
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