June 16, 2020

Easy Utah Hike to Lisa Falls Waterfall

When we say easy we mean easy! Lisa Falls is a gorgeous waterfall in the Salt Lake Valley. Located just up Little Cottonwood Canyon, this waterfall is sure to impress. It is one of the prettiest waterfalls and an easy Utah Hike! It is a kid-friendly hike and is only .3 miles. Most of the trail is smooth and only has a few large rocks near the top. If its the shortness of the hike that doesn't pique your interest, no worries! There are many places around the waterfall that can also be explored. Making it a prime place for Salt Lake City, Utah hiking.

Because this waterfall is so accessible, you'll be able to walk right up to the water. Rock climbers are also known to frequent this area for a moderate climb.

Out of the many SLC hiking trails, this is the perfect trail for enjoying nature's beauty, having a picnic, reflecting on life, feeling a little waterfall mist, or even proposing. It's an easy Utah hike that you'll never forget.

Here's the best way to find the trailhead thanks to Alltrails. If you haven't downloaded the app, it's a must have for all levels of hiking.

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