April 17, 2019

When And Why To Visit Historic Sites in SLC?

It’s no secret that Salt Lake City is a very popular spot for those looking to ski, snowboard and sled. But not all people visiting Salt Lake realize that it’s history is just as exciting as its slopes are. If you have a few hours to spare before hitting up the next best skiing spot in Salt Lake we recommend you visit historic sites around our city, because:

1)Salt Lake City boasts a pretty cool architecture designs that even those who aren’t experts will find fascinating. It combines the history of the United States as well as the history of Utah. Temple Square for example, attracts 3-5 million people every year but not many people know that the architecture of the temple is symbolic. The circle and square design above the roof line is meant to represent man’s journey from mortal imperfection towards immortal perfection. Individually the circle has been a historic symbol for perfection as well as unending or infinite, so it’s only fitting that in the temple’s design the circle represents eternal life while the square is meant to symbolize the earth and life on earth.

2)Visiting historic places gives you perspective. Exploring Salt Lake’s sites whether you are from a neighboring state or halfway across the world will give you a unique perspective about your life back home. Every time you travel you bring back something from that place back home and hopefully it become valuable in day-to-day life.

3) It will teach you about people and places that you haven’t known about. Visiting Salt Lake’s historic sites will teach you about its unique first settlers, Native tribes that reside here and many other things that you may not have known about. If you skipped history in school, here’s your chance at discovering how interesting it actually is!

So you decided and are planning to visit one of our Salt Lake’s historic spots. But when should you do it? The answer is, it depends. If you are here for the slopes, remember that winters in Utah are generally mild with average temperatures in 30s or 40s. However it can get as low as 20s when it snows so make sure to dress warm prior to visiting. However, if you are planning on being here just for the sites and attractions we recommend September or October where relatively warm temperatures will make it a little more enjoyable. Regardless, of when you visit make sure to check out the best historic houses and churches in SLC and make sure you grab a bite before you go.

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