Amazing BBQ and Pizza Salt Lake City Utah

If you are in the mood for some finger licking southern BBQ food look no further than Smokin' Bones Barbecue in Bountiful, Utah. This local favorite is know for their classic BBQ flavors and amazing...

Amazing BBQ and Pizza Salt Lake City Utah

If you are in the mood for some finger licking southern BBQ food look no further than Smokin’ Bones Barbecue in Bountiful, Utah. This local favorite is know for their classic BBQ flavors and amazing pizza. Yes, I said pizza. As you would expect from any BBQ pit that is worth its salt, they have tender juicy ribs, smoked brisket, pulled pork, creamed corn, BBQ beans and corn bread. In addition to the classics they are offering unique twist on some local favorites such as Navajo tacos, Frito pie and salads. This locally owned and operated BBQ restaurant has all of your favorite Smoked meats and many more items that will not disappoint. The atmosphere is great to you fill like you are in an old smokehouse that has been doing this for centuries. Needless to say you can’t go wrong with the classic BBQ entries below you will see some of our favorites entries that they make. Located just fifteen minutes from down town Salt Lake making it close enough for any occasion.


Favorite Menu Items

BBQ Pizza

As mentioned earlier the folks over at Smokin Bone’s are know for their pizza this is not your regular run of the meal pizza. Instead they took their amazing smoked meats and put them on-top of their fire cooked crust basically they took two of my favorite meals and combined them. The result of combining these two meals is true culinary bliss. If you like to cook pizza at home on your Traeger grill you will die and go to heaven when you taste this pizza because it is so much better than the pizza you make at home.

Great BBQ pizza smoked brisket
Smokin Bones in bountiful Utah BBQ Pizza

Navajo Taco

Another food that that they have perfected is the Navajo taco many know this entry as an Indian Fry bread. If you are not familiar with the Navajo Taco it is a local favorite at all of the Utah fairs. Traditionally the Navajo taco has consisted of fry bred basically a scone that is then covered with taco meat, beans, cheese and sour cream. Smokin bones has spiced up this classic by substituting cheap boring ground beef for their amazing smoked meats. In addition, they smother the fry bread with their beans and BBQ sauce. While this meal is delicious beware the serving size is extremely generous I recommend sharing this meal unless you have a much larger appetite than the average man.

Brisket Sandwiches

All my life I have eaten BBQ but I have never really loved brisket. More often then not the meat was either tough or dry and in some cases both. As such I never really liked brisket until I tried their brisket. The brisket is extremity moist and the meat has an amazing bark that adds to the experience. The smoke flavor has penetrated deep into the meat creating a rich deep flavor profile that is perfect in my opinion. After eating this brisket I finally understand why people love this cut of meat so much. If you are looking a quick light meal I recommend getting their brisket sandwich. The sandwich is perfectly portioned to fill you up and not leaving you feeling like you just finished eating thanksgiving dinner.

BBQ Pork Sandwich with ribs
Delicious smoked pulled pork sandwich paired with fall off the bones ribs

Complete Menu

Additional notes

While we feel that that the food is worth the drive we do recommend Smokin Bones as a lunch time destination to avoid the traffic that plagues the Wasatch Front area. Also beware that they are not open on Mondays so don’t make the trek just to be disappointed. While you are in the area check out Nielson frozen custard for desert but if you are looking for a desert on the lighter side check out the chocolates and ice cream at Mrs Cavanaughs. Find below directions to those fantastic restaurant.
Mrs Cavanaughs
Nielson frozen custard

After a long day on the beautiful slopes in the Salt lake City area nothing tastes better than hearty southern BBQ. The warm BBQ beans will warm you up and the meat will provide you body with the needed protein to recover. And you can’t forget about the corn bread it will round out the perfect post skiing meal.

smokin bones in bountiful utahs store front
Smokin bones Bountfiul Utah 84010

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