February 24, 2021

Korean BBQ Taking Over By Storm!

Kou Korean BBQ is another addition to the relatively new Korean BBQ (KBBQ) scene in Utah! Located in Midvale, UT and has recently reopened May 8 for indoor dining again! Kou offers a socially distant and safe Korean BBQ experience! Kou Korean BBQ creates an atmosphere of comfort and class, using modern decor and family style dining.

To describe Korean BBQ would be to call it an experience you can enjoy with friends and family. Grilled meat, onions, and garlic greet you as you enter Kou. Kou Korean BBQ serves staples such as bulgogi, galbi, and pork belly. Kou's menu hosts a wide range of appetizers and dishes readily available before you start grilling your meat.

For BBQ Fans: Galbi (갈비)

Galbi is a popular KBBQ dish. The name comes from the Korean word for rib, “galbi,” and is a grilled beef short rib. Rice and kimchi are some sides we recommend for the best flavor!

Galbi (갈비)

For Vegetarian/Vegan Fans: Japchae (잡채)

Japchae is a savory and sweet Korean dish made with vegetables and glass noodles (noodles made from starch and water). It is served chilled and is a filling vegetarian alternative to the meat options available. 

Japchae (잡채)

If you’re looking for more authentic flavors to explore in Utah, visit Bombay House or Red Iguana! Afterwards, be sure to get some cookies from some of our other local businesses!

The Kou’s business hours, location, and contact information can be found below!

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