February 23, 2021

La Caille: A True Wasatch Dining Experience

Brief History overlook in La Caille

Located in the outskirts of Sandy, Utah tucked away in a beautiful grove up Little Cottonwood Canyon is the pinnacle of Utah dining experiences. La Caille, an 1800's French farm-themed restaurant that opened in 1975 and to this day still maintains its old-fashioned charm.

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What you will find in here

When you arrive the first thing you notice is the gorgeous landscape surrounding the vista. La Caille's grounds are so breathtaking that even the short walk to the restaurant's entryway is an experience. Your first step inside feels like you stepped into a portal to 19th century France. The staff is friendly, coupled with the décor it almost feels surreal and dinner hasn't even been served yet.

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La Caille serves brunch during the weekdays, but they are primarily known for their expensive and lavish dishes. When you eat at La Caille you feel like French royalty. The dishes may appear to cost a king's ransom but they are more than worth every bite. While the menu may be small, it still has something for everybody. Each dish's design and preparation is close to perfection. No matter what you choose, after your first bite you'll be saying C’est un délice or in English "it is a delight."

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A precious experience with Delicious Foods

At the end of your dinner you'll realize that the dinner you had just eaten was not just a dinner, but an experience. You will reminisce about your evening and find yourself wishing and wondering how it ended so soon. Should you be happy that you were here or sad that you have to leave? Neither, because who ever said that you couldn't visit as many times as you want? There might be a thousand places worth visiting in the Wasatch Front, but few of them as La Caille

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La Caille address: 9565 Wasatch Blvd, Sandy, UT 8409

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