April 16, 2019


Beer festival? In Utah? Yeah, you heard that right. Known as the greatest beer festival, Utah has to offer, you won’t want to miss out! Located up in the heart of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Oktoberfest at Snowbird provides fun for every type of person. A family-friendly affair with activities, food, and, of course, brews for days — weeks actually. Did I mention the event is free?

What started as a German tradition has made its way over to Salt Lake City and been a key cultural event to Utah since 1973. With over 60,000 visitors each year from all over, this makes it one of the largest festivals in Utah. Oktoberfest begins in August and lasts through October, so that you can be sure to catch this event before it ends. For more information on the dates and times of Oktoberfest click here.


From local breweries to more traditional style German-style beers Oktoberfest has every type of beer to assure everyone is satisfied. Some of the most popular Utah breweries Oktoberfest claims, includes Moab Brewery, Bohemian, Uinta and Squatters. You can save a few bucks by reusing mugs you purchased previous years from Oktoberfest or you can buy a new one every year to add to the collection. For these reasons alone, Oktoberfest rivals the usual nightlife of Salt Lake City.


The food. You guys. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the food is. First of all, you must try the Belgian waffles, which I am pretty sure are spiked with a little bit of beer (which makes it all that much better) dipped in either chocolate or glaze. Personally, the chocolate was my favorite, but the glaze is still delicious too. Oktoberfest food choices also include select German favorites, such as bratwurst, weisswurst, sauerkraut, apple strudel, spaetzle, beef rouladen, pretzels, and Bavarian roasted almonds.

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Along with the amazing food and beer there are plenty of activities going on to keep you entertained. If you have drank all the beer and food you can wrap your head around go try out the alpine slide. The Alpine Slide winds down Chickadee Run through twists, turns and tunnels. You are in control of your own speed and it is a great activity your kids and yourself will most definitely enjoy. Live music is always playing so if you want somewhere to chill while you are drinking your beer or eating your food head to the side of the hill. Chairlifts are always running and there is also an obstacle course. Oktoberfest is fun for all ages, you seriously don't want to miss it! There are many different types of annual activities that Utah has to offer, to learn more about Sundance check it out here! For more information on local Utah events, such as Farmer's markets and local events going on throughout the weekend, check this link out.

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